Just Round The Corner

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Ankit’s POV

For more hours than I care to count for, is how long it lasted. I really have no idea how he can last that long and how I can endure it. I really want to know why I even react the way I do even after what the cheater did. Well, not really we did or rather I did break up with him before he kissed another girl. Even aver it had just been less than a couple of hours that we have broken up.

As I look at the smug smile he is currently sporting on his face while releasing me from the bonds I have this insane desire to wipe it off.

“Must be great to have such a good stamina. I mean fucking 2 people back to back is no less fleet.” I add sweetly.

“You have worn me out well baby, but if you insist we can have another go...”

“It did not stop you in college when you left my bed the last time and share other girls...”

“And you let me...”


“You think I did not know you were standing round the corner ... I so did and for once I wanted you to fight for me...”

Looking at my confused face he gave me the saddest smile and said, “What do I lack... Tell me the truth... Why don’t you ever fight for me? I noticed you first and am still fighting for you. Why is there only me in this relationship? Why not us? How long do I have to fight and win for us against everyone and mostly you? Set a date. I will wait.”

Amit’s POV

I wish that I could laugh at his sad but confused expressions. But my own pain takes over every bit of triumph that I currently feel.

“Can you fight with me if not for me? Just be with me. Ankit, we are untouchables now. We are the social piranha that people would resent but would not be able to do anything about us as we are that powerful. We made it Ankit now do not leave me now.”

Ankit’s POV

I won’t ever... I never did... Really... Am yours forever... I think it all in my mind but have no idea why I cannot say it out loud.

But the thing about Amit is that I never have to he knows it all and is prepared to wait as long as I need to admit just about anything.

I will Amit. No matter what from now on I will be with you.

I still cannot voice my want as I have no idea how I am to break the news to my parents that their only son is GAY.

I feel scared all of a sudden and just as lonely. Amit silently hugs me as he feels that I need his warmth.

I love that man. Who does not want a partner who would love you through all your insecurities? Have no idea why I am so lucky?

“Amit it may not be the right time but I think your sister is somewhat involved in the scandal.”

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