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Amit’s POV

This is a mistake. It is not possible. Ankit...

“No, I am not mistaken and I can prove it. The proof is in the video itself. If you had seen it carefully you would have noticed too. Toori also let her emotions cloud her...”

“Stop. Nitya...Involved...What... Why... How?”

“If you want another officer...”

“Shut up... Ankit. Explain.”

“We need to dress up as It is going to be a long day.”

Ankit’s POV

“Just look at the video, Amit. I know It is not easy. But if you can just look at the screen...”

“I am trying... It is not easy when the girl on the screen is my little sister ... and she is naked.”

“Ahhhhhhh... Just look already... See... See...′

“What? My sister is having sex with her husband in the shower. With no care in the world...”

“No... Look at the screen you would get to see what you do not see.”

“That would be what? Her Nipples!!!”

“Good point... but no, Rudra’s face”

“WHAT!!! They are having sex...”

“In abundance... With no care in the world... How many people do you know who can do so without exploring every facet of their partner? It looks like they are cuddling.”

“So what? They ....”

“Could be a home sex video gone wrong?”

“Just think about it. She and Rudra on their honeymoon thought of making a video of them having sex in their best form as a memory...”

“No way people do that...”

“It is more common than you ever realize. The hours that an Indian bride spends in a gym to get the perfect figure makes her all the hornier and there is no better way to remember that perfect shape of hers than in a make out video.”

“That is plain and simply crazy.”

“Welcome to my world. Just call up Rudra and confirm. Then maybe we can get some info on the hotel staff and figure out who did it? Yes... No... What?”

“Rudra does not know.”

“What? How?”

“Nitya called me first and begged me not to tell Him...”

“We might have a problem then.”

“Why? Is Rudra knowing about it so important?”

“Yes, it is. Because in my experience Rudra not knowing means that we now have a problem."

"Why? It is good that he not knows..."

"For your family, it is but now it leaves before us two possibilities. Either Nitya lost the video and never told her husband, then it was sent to her by some stranger in form of getting money or the guy in the shower is not Rudra and that person himself is trying to make a profit out of it.”

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