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Amit’s POV

“You got it wrong Ankit, Nitya is not cheating on Rudra. She cannot do it...Period. Theirs is a love story of the decade. They met at her office and things took off from there. Hell, Everyone in Rudra’s family loves her. She is always having lunch or dinner with one or the other of his sisters or grandparents.” I smile.

“So, the little girl matured. I never thought I would see the day. Good for you.”

“I know right. I mean sure she demands to have things her way all the time but she is and has always been high maintenance. This is not exactly news to us. She is better now...” I wince reminiscing the past.

“Well, distance does make the heart fonder...”

“Not that much. I ... like the way, she takes care of her in-laws now. more than Rudra actually.”

“Nitya... ”

“Ya... I mean Rudra is always out of the country cracking this deal and that but Nitya has stopped going to parties and other social gatherings completely in favor of staying at home.”

“Well, that is quite a leap from the girl that I used to know and not much like.”

“Well, people do grow up. It really feels great that she is out of her teenage years.”

Ankit’s POV

Something is off. Call it my gut or the instinct of a police officer I feel that there is more to it than what meets the eye.

Don’t get me wrong but the Nitya that I know of and the one being described off now is... It feels as if it is two different person.

Ten years ago when Amit came out to his family he never mentioned to anyone that he had a partner. He did save me a lot of humiliation but Nitya refused to believe that. She called in all the resources possible to find out if Amit was hiding something.

She was then a girl of 15 who led a witch hunt to practically seek any thread that would get her the ammunition that she needed to get Amit and her best friend married.

I came to know later that She herself had a crush on her friend’s brother. Fortunately, her friend had enough dignity to ask her to back off and also no one knew about us than Sandhya di.

To believe that that girl landed herself someone like Rudra Sharma is quite a fleet in itself. But there is more to it than what meets the eye.

I must get a detailed account of what happened from Toori.

“Give it a rest Sherlock! Your barking up the wrong tree.”

“How do you know Amit? People do not change over-night and Nitya ...”

“Ok, then. Do what you have to and then let’s see who wins?”

“Really is that all you know winning?”

“If you had a partner like mine who would make everything a bloody war ... Then it is all you could ever think off too. Not let’s forget all that as we have other things to care of.”

As I see his evil smile I finally realize that I am still tied up and totally at his mercy.

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