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Odds 1

Odds 1

Ankit’s POV

“There is nothing twisted about it really. Babyji liked Rudra Sir and got married end of the story. There is nothing suspicious about it really. You are looking at the wrong person. We must find the person who sends it to her...”

This is what the best investigator of Amit looks like. I mean really she is so defensive about it all that I really feel that she has by far lost all the objective of me being here.

I mean ok she owns a lot to Amit but getting all defensive about his family members would get us neither here nor there. She really needs to let me do my job.

“Toori, I know you are a big fan and number one supporter of Amit but turning a blind eye and withholding crucial information from me would not really get us any closer to the perp.”

“Everyone has a past Ankit. Just so Banyji’s past is a little colorful does not mean that...”

“Toori I am not judging her neither am I making any assumptions of her cheating on Rudra. back into the But have you ever thought that before she settled down with her prince charming she broke a lot of heart. It might happen so that one such heart made their way back with a vengeance that wants to see her burnt in the fire of his hurt.”

Toori’s POV

That does make a lot more sense. He is right, I am overprotective of Bhaiji, but in my defense, I really did not feel that her past would be of any relevance now.

I have been there and seen it all. Auntyji’s sad face, Bhaiji’s frustration, Uncleji’s humiliation... just about everything.

“You know it all, Ankit. It was all recorded by the media.”

“Media often sensationalizes things Toori. I need to know what happened from the es of a sensitive and a sympathetic witness who was there. Now tell me.”

“You know how things are Babyji could never accept the fact that Bhaiji would never marry a girl. She was upset and when she grew up she acted out just to make everyone feel guilty. That is it.”

“Try again Toori. Give me the perspective of the sharpest investigator in the office who is known to call the spade just that and shames the devil when she needs to.”

“She would not do that this instance Ankit. With all the love and support that she has for Amit Sir, she somewhat holds him responsible for what Nitya did before she was married. Hello, I am Pooja by the way.”

That slut... how dare she!

“Babyji was hurt. She...”

“Stop seriously Toori. It is not easy to come out and when Amit finally mustered up the courage to do so Nitya had to throw a tantrum as it never fit into her perfect make-believe world. She is the most immature person I have ever met. She...”

" Is worth ten of you Pooja? You know nothing about her. She was hurt her friend who wanted to get married to Bhaiji used to taunt her and she took it out on Bhaiji. That’s it.”

“And there is a lie Right there. The friend never taunted her. I would know as I was that friend who had an innocent crush on Amit Sir.”

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