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Odds 2

Odds 2

Ankit’s POV

Talk about a surprise. This one certainly took my breath away. I for one was not expecting it. But then what happened next had me...

The moment Pooja made her confession Toori launched into action. She grabbed Pooja by her hair and was nearly successful in dragging her out into the main office had I not put her in a chokehold.

“Let me go... this slut... is the reason... Oh, she is the reason for Bhaiji too be away from his family. He loves them so much but...”

“He is gay, Toori. Other than being married to a girl and following the norm there is no way in hell everything would be all right now. Sooner or later This was bound to happen. And please remember that Pooja was only fifteen then Toori.” I intervened.

“But still...”

“Still what? Do you think that she knew any better Toori? No, It was the time when she believed in horses and carriage, a prince charming who would ride with her into the sunset. So, her prince harming was Amit but that does not make her at fault.” I explained.

Toori still refused to back down. “If she had not sent the marriage proposal...”

“I did not there was no marriage proposal from my end Toori.” This time Pooja interjected.

“Lies. Blatant lies. Babyji told me...”

“What? That I was dying to marry Amit Sir. Yes, I was but please remember I was 15. Getting married was nowhere in my list till I was at least 30.”


“Babyji told you. Of course, she would. She till date believes that what she did was right. Toori, Nitya is a fantasist. She could never accept the fact that she did not have what her friends had. An affluent life! Rather than working for it she believed in marrying into it.”

“Not true...”

“Really whom has she married to now. Rudra, the scion of the great industrial Sharma family. My parents are well off and are in the top 50 rich families in India but Rudra comes from the family that averages in the top 20.”

“Babyji loves Rudra. She left her flourishing career...”

“Toori please stop. I cannot deal with this anymore. Your Babyji is one of the most selfish people that I know of. All she cares for is herself and if she believes that things are not working in her favor then she would make the life of others hell.”

“Not true, Pooja shame on you to blame Babyji.”

“Really! Ok then tell me where was I involved in regards to Sandhyadi. What hand did I have in that matter?”

“What of Sandhya Madam? She is fine...”

“Now, she is but when she decided that she would rather divorce her good for nothing husband rather than abort her children, it was Nitya who made it impossible for her to come home.′

“What?” I could not keep silent anymore. “I did not know that.”

“Probably because it is not true. Sandhya Madam is her sister Babyji would never...” Stated a reeling Toori.

“If it is not going according to her image she would, Toori. Tripathi family is big on the image like any other middle class. Nitya felt that having a divorce in the family would hurt her chances to land a rich guy. Hence, she ensured that Sandhyadi was left without any support and stranded outside in the middle of the night. But both Amit sir and Sandhyadi are forged from different metal. You cannot break them no matter what you do.”

“That is true Sandhya is one of the leading businesswomen in India today.”

That is true. Every year one magazine or the other is taking her interview. She is currently deemed as the goddess of strength in the social circles, all because she refused to bow down. She is truly an inspiration for women today.

“By the way, Nitya met Rudra in Sandhyadi’s office only where she was supposedly working.”

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