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Ankit’s POV

Time to talk to Nitya. I believe that there are multiple people who could give me different versions of what could have happened but there is one who could tell me what I need to know whether she wants to or not.

Pooja’s confession did tell me a lot of things. Mostly it drew the familiar picture of the girl that I knew about. Really I had no idea then who the girl was because of whom Amit and I had to break up but now that I know I kind of feel bad for her.

She was just an innocent girl with a crush and someone twisted her thoughts to fulfill their own selfish agenda. I have no idea how to tell Amit about my suspicions and my biggest fear is not him not believing me but simply facing him.

The last time I tried I ended up in his bed like all the times before today. I have no idea how but he manages to get me in the most compromising positions without much problem. The one with the dark circles has always been me while he has looked well-rested after an adventurous night with me.

I am an officer of the law and right now I would like to be just about anywhere, be it the mosquito-infested jungle or being gunned by the Mafia, other than before Amit. I literally keep repeating the oath I had taken while swearing in as I push the door to get in.

Amit’s POV

I simply ignore him. I know he has come in and is standing in the ultra cool room but I leave him shaking. I know what he wants but I want to make him wait. I want to steal a good look at him while I can as he never comes to me very often.

I have a few months to convince him to be by my side but the rate he is going at he would be out of the office by the next week. I need time and I am shameless enough to use nefarious means to delay him.

“What can I do for you Ankit?” I inquire as he tries his best to reign in his anger.

“A meeting with Nitya.”

“No can do. I told you she is off limits.”

“Things have changed Amit. The sooner I talk to her the sooner I would get out of your hair.”

“That is another reason why I would not be giving you access to her. After all, I do not want you how of it.”

“You!!! ... Amit she is your sister and the more we delay it there is a high chance that It would end up on the net.”

“I know. Would that not be a glorious revenge...”

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