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Amit’s POV

“Did you think that I have forgotten what she did? I did not”

“Amit, these kinds of thoughts would make you a suspect ...”

“Not if I have an alibi. I do have one by the way.”

“Amit, Stop”

“Why should I do you think I have forgiven them all. No, I have not... I never will. What right do they have to determine whom I should like or not? Tell me why do I have to look after them now that I am in a position to. Do you know Naksh Mama (UNCLE) made it a point to make a joke about my past discrepancy in every function until I had him arrested on a nominal charge from one such function? He currently does not mess with me anymore and the rest of the family also keeps as much distance that they possibly can.”

To say that he is stunned is an understatement but what came out of his mouth next let me all the more baffled.

“Is this a part of your genetics? None of you seem to forgive the other. Nitya never forgave you or ruining her dream and I had to pay. Aradhyadi never forgave her husband for making a pass her pregnant elder sister and Sandhyadi paid for it.”

“Nikunj what???”

“Ya, you would not know. See During my last year of college we fell on hard times and I had to work part-time in a sari store to pay my fees. It was a relatively new shop and the owner had trouble keeping female staff. Most would quit due to his not so subtle nature. I later came to know who the owner was when one-day Aradhya di stormed in the shop and started shouting.”

“Aradhya was shouting... She is a very not violent person.”

“Yes, but that day she was not. You see one of the female employees had complained to her and asked her for help. She kept shouting till the creep told her that he could leave her at any time. It is then I saw a manic smile on her face as she informed him that she was pregnant and it was a boy.”

“Aradhya had fertility issues.”

“No according to her, the fault lay in Nikunj and if she left his parents would disown him in favor of their grandkid.”

“Aradhya said that”

“Oh yeah! After he finished Nikunj was sweating bullets. I do not know what she felt as I was crouching down by the stall but the next words shocked me even more.”

“She informed him about Sandhyadi...”

“No, she told him that she has informed his parents about the baby and also taken them with her on her second but their first ultrasound. They know that both the mother and baby are healthy and if Nikunj is thinking about hurting them in any way to give up.”


“Yep, apparently she has presented her in-laws with a sob story of how Nikunj was forcing her to take pregnancy pills and she would rather die than abort the child. At that point, I thought Nikunj would faint but he did not. Aradhyadi nearly left but stopped to inform him that she knew all about him making a pass at Sandhyadi and if he wishes to get the monthly that his parents were giving him she better not hear about this again.”

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