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Amit’s POV

I am running out of time in more ways than one. Ankit just filled me in with what is going on in my family that I had no idea about. Sandhyadi was Aradhya’s GOD. There is nothing that she could ever do wrong anything in her eyes, now she barely talks to her.

I want to stop time and never let Ankit out of my sight but if I stop him now the only one who would be the loser would be me. I am about to lose my family and I have no idea why. Something is very much wrong here but I have no Idea how to fix it.

Ankit’s POV

Just the look on Amit’s face told me that the information is troubling him. He probably had no idea about it and now by looking at him I suddenly feel like I can read him like an open book.

It is absolutely weird how after knowing someone for a long time you guess and second guess yourself all the time. Then comes to a moment when you just read their mind and you are rarely wrong.

I know more than shock it is fear. It is the fear of losing me. He wanted to bind me to himself and now he cannot stop me from putting a stop to the problems that are looking for an opening to gobble his family up.

Sharma family is a typical middle-class family with every trait that is expected of people of that station in India. They love to lead a happy life and are more than happy be generous but to do it, they to sweep things under the rug.

Amit’s coming out was one of the things that they wished to sweep under the rug and so was Sandhyadi’s announce of divorce of her husband. After all, they choose her life partner how dare she finds nooks in him.

I really thank GOD that Sandhyadi left her husband for the right reasons and is not dependent on anyone. Just because she left to save her children makes the other relatives of her’s behave a little better about her but GOD forbid she would date another man or marry him.

Bloody hypocrites! They bring in marriage proposal for her of men in their own family who are close to or over 60 but should she choose someone to get married around her own age it would be a taboo. After all, what right just a divorcee has to be happy? So she has a successful business but that does not give her the right to have sex.

The Law of India has accepted that an Indian woman widowed or divorced has the right to marry and now we just need the society and individual families to catch up after 71 years of independence. In a country where women especially are not allowed to choose their partner, it would be the biggest miracle.

Now we are expecting our parents to accept our love. I doubt anyone in our lifetime would ever accept us, Amit. But...

“I would always stay by your side”

“What did you say?” Asked Amit in a hushed tone.

“I am tired of running. I rather stay and face the music.”

Amit’s POV

Someone pinch me.

He said yes.

What do I do now?

Should I hug him?

Yes, let me first do that.

As I am about to get to him for the much need hug, Toori burst into my office pulling Pooja by her hair and shouted,


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