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Thank You

Thank You

Toori’s POV

I really marvel at the gall of the girl she lied that also about Babyji. She is not only Bhaiji’s little sister but also the most graceful girl I have ever met. She would never do something like this.

I felt like I had to inform her about what is going on but just as I was about to dial her number Pooja snatched my phone away and threw it down the aquarium. The nerve...

Of course, I had to bring this to the attention of Bhaiji but now I feel like I am the one on the wrong.

“How much does Nitya know? Does she know anything about Ankit? Damn it Toori answer me!”

“Of course she knows...”

Before I could even complete my sentence Bhaiji lunged at me. It is then many things happened simultaneously, Pooja Pushed me behind her and stood in the most protective stance before me. To say that I was surprised is an understatement.

On the opposite end, Ankit had Bhaiji caged between his arms single-handedly stopping him from taking any further action as well as soothing him. It is then suddenly I realized what was wrong.

Babyji with all her graciousness was still the girl who had a grudge against the guy who was the reason her brother hated her. It was not her fault but Ankit was also not in the wrong.

“She does not know about Ankit sir being... I never told her that ... I cannot ever betray you that way. I did not...”

" I cannot lose Ankit, Toori. I... I ... Cannot let her ... Not this time. If this means That her video would end up on the net so be it.”

Amit’s POV

I don’t know Who is more surprised Ankit or Toori. They were both giving me the evil eye while Pooja was kind of looked pleased with my decision. It is not for the first time that I realized that how much Nitya’s lies had affected her.

Just about anyone has a crush but by telling the wrong people about it they can dig their own graves. It took her a lot to stand here with dignity as she was treated as the resident joke of her family after it came out.

Nothing was easy for her after that and now that her success as the youngest criminal lawyer who had won two back to back cases has finally made her life easy her family has realized that they have lost her forever.

She currently lives with her Grandmother and no matter how much they try to invite her to their functions and celebrations she politely refuses. She really is a shell of the person of what she used to be.

“Amit, Please choose your words carefully. She is your sister...”

“And I am fed up. Nobody asked her opinion but she had to give it. Why not let her once face the music of what she had done? Why not let her be ridiculed once! Just this time Ankit let this be her lesson.” I pleaded

“Amit, I know you are upset. I promise you this time I am not running. I am done being away from you. If the case ends in the next 2 days I stay. If I get ridiculed at my job I stay. If I am transferred I leave my job rather than stay away from you. Please trust me I am not going anywhere, But now do not take any decision that you may come to regret later.”

“You stay... always and... forever.”

“Yes, I stay.”

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