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Amit’s POV

Now I have to thank Nitya. Ankit is back because of her. He would not leave. One problem down and one to go.

I took a step towards Toori and find myself blocked by Pooja.

Toori’s POV

I really never thought it was possible. Really this is nothing short of an insane nightmare that I need to save myself from Bhaiji and Pooja is the one saving me. Has the world gone mad or am I still dreaming?

“She made a mistake. She just sees Nitya as I did in school. A friend with whom I could share my likes and Dislikes with. Amit Sir She Did not really mean any harm. You know this.” Pooja pleaded.

I really wish that I had the confidence now to stand before Bhaiji. I do not and hence would like to use the Pooja shield a little longer.

Okay, I was wrong maybe I should not have tried to call Babyji. But really ... I am thankful now that Pooja did not let me do it. Not that I would have spilled anything but as I often feel during an investigation why take chances.

“Get Out!!! Both of you and Toori this is not over. Ankit would be meeting Nitya today arrange it.”


“No, no BUT! You butt out of this instance. You are close to me and that is not good for the case. Ankit knows what he is doing and I trust him. I know you want to protect all the ones that I love but Toori from today I want you to protect just my heart. If anything happens to him I die.”

Having said that Bhaiji turned his back on us and enveloped himself completely into Ankit’s arms.

I really had no idea what I am to do. Again it was Pooja who took lead and pulled me out of the office while I just went with the flow.

“Thanks. I really should not have... But you broke my phone...”

“I would get you another, Toori.”

“I do not need your alms. I can get the latest...”

“Then please do. But for now, shut up and listen. I know you love Nitya but please remember that your love for her would never triumph the love you have for Amit Sir. Before you jump to her favor please remember you might harm Amit Sir.”

I cannot believe that this girl makes so much sense. As she turns around to leave I cannot help but ask “Why?”

Anyone else may have misunderstood me but Pooja simply turned towards me and said,

“Ankit could have been killed that day. All because I told my best friend that I liked her brother. Sure I was not serious but Toori the very thought that anyone could have been killed because of me is not the most entertaining of thoughts. No one can bear the thought that you are one of the perpetrators. Nothing equips you for it, Toori.”

As she turns around to leave a very weary pooja turns back and looks me in the eye and says

“I know you think that only you have the most special connection with Amit sir but you do not. He is very special to me as well. He is the victim who never judged the perpetrator. While everyone including Nitya taunted me of having turned her brother gay he is the only one who asked me to keep studying.”

“You are right I do belong to a rich family but I have not talked to any one of them in years. I live with my Nani (Grand Mother from the mother’s side) and everything that I have is owned by me. I would not be where I am without him and my Nani. I hope you understand my sudden bursts of ...”

She leaves with a bitter smile playing on her lips. Ankit was right light does blind us to the obvious. Here, I was blaming her for everything that goes wrong but she is just a kindred soul. Neither mine nor her family stood by us when we need them the most...

But on other thought, if Pooja is telling the truth which I believe she is then may be I should tell Ankit about the doubt that I had since the first time I say the video...

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