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Oh Lord He’s Back!

Oh Lord He’s Back!

Ankit’s POV

And just like that, I came face to face with my past!

No, I didn’t truthfully! He was sitting in the back seat of a car while I am Cutting Challans for the law-breaking vehicles.

“I cannot believe it is you... You Have not changed at all”

With that the hugged me!!!

Right in the middle of the street!!!

While I am in my uniform!!!

This guy would be the death of me! Have you seen anyone who wishes to hug a cop in the middle of the road and that too in broad daylight!!!

No, you have not...

But then why am I surprised this is the guy who just because he felt like it kissed be in front of the entire classroom!

But there was a catch he ensured that he got a dare...

Since he was not putting me out of his hold, I finally have to push him off me and Amit being Amit pouted in front of the entire audience. I mean everybody was straining their neck to catch a glimpse of this spectacle.

“Let’s have coffee! Should I wait for you! I have plenty of time... Really I am free...”

“The answer is No, never liked coffee ... I am short of time and have work to do... So Bye...Omph”

Amit just pushed his brand new smartphone on my face, ” Number?”

I don’t think so. ” Listen whatever we had is over now! There is no point ... You have your life and I have mine. So Goodbye... Pleasure meeting you”

I turned my back on him just to find my back plastered to his chest and his arm snaked around my waist.

" If you believe that I would not take you here and now you are so mistaken ... You are not escaping me now... Nahi... Nako... Feed your number in my cell or I would feast on you right now.”

With an arm dangerously itching down even a cop had to bow down.

I snatched his mobile and jotted down a few numbers. As I was giving it back, he simply stared and said,

“Now give me the real one!”

“This is real as real as it gets ...”

“Why? For once I would like you to do as you are told but as it is not going to be today ... Well ...″

That bastard! Plastered me completely against his erection, ensuring that I get the full Idea of what is in store as he slowly breathed down my sweet spot!

" What is going on? In this day and age... accosting a police officer in the middle of the road... Ram! Ram! Ram!” said Patel, the other officer on duty, today! My cunning subordinate who never forgets to remind me of his age, and how he had been passed over for a promotion, forever.

“You hurt me sir Can’t a guy celebrate meeting with his best friend after so many years! What has India come to Ram! Ram! Ram!”

That smooth bastard, with this one line he shut up Patel and bought his lips closer to my collar bone. There is only this much torture that I can take!

Before I end up with an embarrassing boner, I jotted down my numbers fast, gave myself a miscall, showed him the proof on my screen and pushed him off...

Well tried to ... at least but the beast did not budge ...

Patel’s eyes nearly dropped off their sockets ... My strength is somewhat of a legend in the force so is my level of fitness. But Amit just proved how to get around it! Just make me aroused and the deal is done. Just as well he is the only one to have that effect on me.

After we broke up I tried it with a few girls... and a couple of guys as well but it seems that I became soft as soon as some else touched me... I am the reverend sage protecting others all the while without having anyone by my side.

Till today! I am so ready to be eaten right then and there! Without the care of who gets a look or not!

Amit sensed it and with a final squeeze in my butt let me go!

“See you later baby!”

And with that, he got into his expensive car and rode off.

As I turned around to the questioning eyes of Sarvottam Patel, I could not help but utter “College Room Mate” and so much more...

Ram- The legendary king of Ishvaku dynasty, attained Godly status when he vanquished the evil Demon King Ravan, who had kidnapped his wife, Sita, in the holy war and Returned to Ayodhya.

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