Just Round The Corner

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Ankit’s POV

Equipped by the new information that I have from Toori I step into the restaurant that Amit has reserved solely for my meeting with Nitya.

I was really surprised today when Toori came into my office and said her piece. It feels like a dream but her suspicions confirmed the idea that I myself was toying with. The man in the video is not Rudra.

It is the only way it makes sense. This is not the first time I am dealing with a sex video on the verge of being viral and neither is it the first time a bride refuses to do anything about it other than paying the blackmailer. But Nitya’s case was still something that I had no idea what I am up against.

As a waiter takes me to the relevant table I get a glimpse of the victim. All I can say is that Nitya is not a classical beauty. The only prominent feature of her face is her lips that looks like always on a pout.

I am really not surprised. Among the siblings, Sandhyadi is the one with more quintessential beauty, Amit is the manly one with vested rough looks, Aradhya is the one with doe-like eyes that look mostly sad and then there is Nitya the Houri.

There is something very sensual about her that makes most women around her pray that their boyfriends or husbands never meet her. Because once they do ...

I never really understood why she had to have things her way or her need to be stinking rich. I came from a very poor family and all I ever wanted to have was enough. Hence Nitya who had more than me and everything that she needed was a total mystery to me.

Getting back to the business, I sat down before Nitya and before I could inquire further she said, “I am waiting for someone here but if you give like half an hour we can talk somewhere more private handsome.”

Okay, that does not seem right by any standard, the way she was checking me out was also not very savory.

“Just who do you think I am?” I asked.

“The one that I am to talk about the money for not marketing the video. But I must say you look way better.”

Nitya’s POV

I cannot read this guy. When Bhai (Elder Brother) told me that he has someone for me to meet regarding the case I thought it would be Toori. Well If not her then some old police officer who gives off a fatherly vibe.

To say that the guy in front of me was attractive is an understatement. The problem is that this guy has a brain. Anyone else would have been flustered at this point. But he is only smiling as if it happens to him daily. Now I know why they say the best one is just round the corner.

“So the guy in the video is not Rudra, Huh?” he informed rather than questioned me.

“Until proven otherwise it is Rudra.” Oh God, he just lifts his brow at my answer rather than trying to question me further.

“So, married to a rich family is not what you expected it to be?”

“They do say happiness and money never go hand in hand.”

“It is so boring that you cheated on your husband the First night.”

“If Bhai is paying you to some unnecessary conjecture then bang on. I must ask him to spend his money well.”

“Thank you for answering my questions truthfully, Nitya. Next time I see you I hope it would be under better circumstances but you know what I do not think that would ever happen.”

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