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But Why?

But Why?

Ankit’s POV

Leaving a surprised Nitya behind, I left the restaurant with a smile. While Nitya might be caught off guard at my sudden departure I learned more about the situation with this one meeting.

I finally understand what is going on. But have miles to go before I can put the case to rest. I need to talk to Amit. He must know about this hunch before anyone.

Toori’s POV

“I need your help” I confess before a surprised Pooja. She is looking at me with obvious suspicion and I have certainly earned it.

“What Help? Why me?”

“I need to understand Nitya.”

“No, Babyji?” She asks genuinely surprised. Why did I ever believe that this girl had a malicious bone in her body? And why do her attitude, dressing sense and possessions not bother me anymore? Was I really that prejudiced?

“No, I always felt that there is something off about Babyji. But She is Bhaiji’s little sister So I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I thought life has not been very easy on her that is why she does what she does but ...”

“But now you have revised your stand. Do not worry Nitya has that effect on people. She is one of the most talented people that I know of, but I don’t know why she refuses to...”

“But that is not true Nitya used to work...”

“At her sister’s office. Huh! Sandhyadi is one of the top entrepreneurs in the country. She is one of the best business consultants in the country. Most of the businessmen in India and abroad come to her to consult her before starting any business. It is the best place for Nitya to get herself a rich man.”

“But Pooja, It was Rudra’s parents who asked her hand for their son, who took a liking for her when he visited their office for work.”

“Toori, you... Tell me what is the expression of a man who has married the girl of his dreams? Should he not be happy?”

“Yes, and Rudra was hap... No, he was not. He looked as if he was forced but ...”

“Yes, he looked confused and overwhelmed.”

“But when he came in with his happy. He even danced in his own Barat (Marriage Procession). He looked jubilant even when he came in and sat in the mandap. It was only after the ceremony...”

“Ceremony... What happened during the ceremony? Every ritual was perect. Nitya came to the ceremony putting on a long red veil.”

“Nitya... Veil... She is...”

“She is too modern to wear an old-fashioned veil over her head when she was wearing designer lehenga (traditional dress).”

“She is all about showing off...”

“Then why?”

“That part would be solved by Rudra. Ok, Toori get me in touch with the great brother-in-law.” Ankit informed me with a smile.

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