Just Round The Corner

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Toori’s POV

That Rascal! He has... really how does he do that. He is smiling as if he has just cracked the case. But ... How?

Pooja and I were present at the wedding but even we are very confused. Then, what... I guess now I have to get him to meet with Rudra. Or maybe I should get Bhaiji to do it for me.

I looked at Pooja and even she nodded agreeing with the thought. Life is so good!!!

Ankit’s POV

I really do not want to deal with Amit. Since I told him about my decision to stay with him he has taken over.

Literally! I mean I have no Idea how but he has made it possible. He is not someone who does anything by half and now he has moved into my apartment in his building and very much insists being joined to my hip. It is kind of exhausting.

But I am really surprising myself with my adoptable nature. I love waking up to him but coming with him to the office and then ... I really want to go back to the police station and read the file over a couple of teacups.

I have no idea what I hate the most, his lack of inhibitions or his over loving nature or that ...

“If you think that I am evading your space then please turn around and evade mine. Either way, stop looking for a way out.”

Amit’s POV

I am always good at reading Ankit. For the most part, I know how he works. When he said yes, I knew that there is no way in hell that he is going to stick to it.

Ankit loves misery. He rather pines for his long lost love than take the incentive and claim what is his. I knew this would happen and boy, was I right. In 3 days, he is done being a couple.

He has already labeled me to be the one who is trying to keep him on a love leash and coming to work together is proving to be more of a hassle for him.

Now I am left to read between the lines for him. He can be such a typical man at times. Here we go!

“Let us concentrate on talking with Rudra today. We can always come back and verify what we already know later.” Ankit interjected in the most dejected manner.

“What no fight?”

“We had many of them already. Till I can find a way to articulate the best way to present to you my problems then it is not possible to move on. We do have problems Amit and no I am not leaving you over them but I certainly need to address our own limits. We cannot just go on without a care of the world.”

"Fine. Just make sure that we address them together not separately. Now let's go and meet my geat Brother-In-Law."

Sorry for being a little late. Hope you like the chapter and shower it with love.

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