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Ankit’s POV

If this is the product of a happy marriage then I never ever want to be married. For someone who married the love of his life, Rudra looked a little better than a corpse. Who would say that this is the astute businessman, a shark always ready to make the deal?

But then with a sex tape looming around the horizon, I doubt that anyone would look happy. But there is something off about him.

“Did you know Amit? Did you know what was going on?” asked Rudra giving Amit the most vicious look.

I looked at Amit and he looked equally surprised. Call it my cop instinct but I feel that both of us are not surprised at the same matter. But why is the surprise different I have no clue! Well, first things first ...

I turned around and looked straight at Amit and asked the question that I wanted to for a while now.

“What is it that you are hiding from me?”

Amit gave me his most enigmatic smile and then looked at Rudra and said, “Whatever it is that you feel I have wronged you about, please remember that you made the proposal to my family, not me. We are not someone, joined to the hip with our family. We both were thrown out of the family home a long time ago. Because of our respective choices. Even if the family now pretends otherwise, It is just for show.”

“Well, then when did you know?” inquired a seemingly upset Rudra.

“I guess I always knew. I just did not accept the truth until a few days ago. I seriously had no clue till when Ankit started asking the right questions.”

“Ok, now what? I cannot go on like this. I ...”

“Should answer Ankit’s questions truthfully! He can help you just let him” answered Amit.

“No need. I get it all now. But let me ask you what I am thinking is it right. Did it all happen like that only? Like...” I mouthed a few names to Rudra who looked even more dejected but nodded in favor.

“Okay I get the gist but now I need you to arrange three meetings for me.”

“Who do you want to talk to?” asked Rudra

“Everyone from your family and Amit’s” I answered.

“Separately...” Asked Amit

" No in a combo.” as the bigwigs before me looked at me surprised I knew I had finally got it right. ” Yes, Amit I need to talk to everyone, that Includes them all.”

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