Just Round The Corner

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Pooja’s POV

Just when I thought that I and Toori are getting along better, she goes all mysterious on me. Ever since Ankit has gone and met with Rudra, he has gone bonkers and taken Toori under his wings and flown away.

It has been 4 days since I last seen Toori and when I finally get to meet her a few minutes ago she just rushed past me. She clearly does not want to give the mystery away, as if!

I caught on to Amit Sir who is the resident know it all of our offices, and even he looks agitated. I finally get it! He is really pitiful now, he clearly knows a lot of it but the entire story is eluding him.

Hmphh... poor guy the very fact that there is something about his family that he has no idea about is certainly eating him. He is the one who has a clear idea in any case that he or anyone in the office takes up but now he is clueless.

I am stalking him now! Yes, I am and proud of it. He looks like a guy who is ready to pounce and I need a few tit-bits to get through before the big reveal and... HERE WE GO!!!

Amit’s POV

Enough is enough! Ankit is literally avoiding me for the past four days! I tried everything and now I learned that an Ankit with lots in his mind is impossible to manipulate. He goes on a zen mode with him being physically present but mentally absent.

As I watched Ankit brush past me, I lost it and grabbed him by the elbow and pulled him in my office.

“What now Amit? I am going to come home with you. Can you just wait till then?” Ankit told me using a monotone. I am getting tired of this and it needs to stop.

“I know it all, Ankit. All that there is to know! I know what happened and who are the main culprits. Do you want me to tell you about it then just ask!”

At this, the baffling guy smiled and said

“Really! How Nice! Explain away Amit, I am all ears.”

Sorry Guys, A shorter update, a little busy! Thank You for hanging in!!!

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