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Ankit’s POV

There are times when Amit falls short of the God that he really is! While trying to be a know-it-all he says something stupid that makes it easy for me to be with him. I really cannot be with a perfect guy but someone with a kink in their armor is fair game.

“Let’s hear it, Amit. What is it that you know? Come on, Talk!”

“Nitya slept with someone else and Rudra found out case closed can we now...”

“No! You may think that you do know it all but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, the guy in the video is not Rudra but that answers the why not the rest.”

“Who cares about the rest? I am fine with...”

“Had this been a client would you have said this? No, you would not have. You would have gone after the real story rather than what works. Let me do it for you, this time.”

“I don’t want ... I don’t really...” stammered Amit. The poor guy really has guessed a lot more than he is currently admitting to.

“It is okay, Amit. I know you do not really want to go down this particular rabbit hole but that is quite ok. I would do it for you. Let me do it.”

“Why? It is not worth it Ankit. These people... that day you could have been killed... I was so scared. I could not even go to college. I was so scared to tip them off... I hate them, all of them for what they...”

“Sandhyadi too” That got his attention fast, “She saved me that day. She called me and told me just one line, just one that you have not mentioned my name. That is what saved me. When your cousins tried to manhandle me into confessing, I just brushed them aside and told them not to insult my masculinity. She saved me Amit and I would do this for her.”

As a stunted Amit nodded, I could not resist adding,

“It is also my revenge for what that day when one of us could have been lost forever. I am going to pay back their pain with a truth which would destroy them forever.”

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