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Unravel -1

Unravel -1

Pooja POV

As our meeting room started getting filled up during a breezy Sunday evening I really was curious as to why I received an invitation to it. Other than being a part of the firm as well as being a perpetrator of sorts I have no bearing to the recent incidents.

I am in no way involved with anything. But when Toori told me to be present I could not help but look back at the past proceedings and try to measure the chance of my likely or unlikely involvement in it.

I was literally going crazy for the past week and today could not help but it takes up to Amit Sir. But it did not help my case as he only said that justice would be served today and no one would be spared.

“Aren’t you busy? Don’t even have time to greet an old friend.” Nitya’s husky voice pulls me back from my train of thoughts.

“I am not sure if anyone thinks that you are my friend. I myself highly doubt if you ever were Nitya.” I reply in a low and irritated voice.

“As someone whose brother you turned gay, I am being more than gracious as it is, Pooja, Please do not push it.” gloated Nitya.

“If I cared what happens when Babyji throws here temper tantrum then I doubt I would be where I am today, Nitya. Remember that you had to get married to become something while I never needed a man to be anything.” I could not help but remind her.

“Why you ...”

Babyji Bhaiyaji is asking you to sit now. Do not worry Everything would be over soon!” Interrupted Toori literally pulling her away in the opposite direction.

“Just a few more hours Pooja, after this no one present in here would ever have any courage to face you.” said Ankit, “Trust me, I would make everything right today. For you, me, Amit, And Sandhyadi...”

Sandhyadi... What... Why... How is she related to it all? But then the family never treated her right. Poonam aunty was never happy with her decision to leave her husband and was supported by first Nitya then Aradhyadi.

Come to think about it she was wronged too. Maybe today everything would change or her too. Not that she or her kids would ever be in want of anything as she like Amit Sir is among the movers and shakers of this town. She is someone that everyone looks up to and for Poonam Aunty that never did bring any comfort.

She is a very limited woman. Like for of the 60+ ladies of her generation she believed in happy families and frowned upon any divorcees. Sandhyadi with her courage and success has made her question her believes and this has led her to a crisis that she is not likely to overcome, anytime soon.

As the conference room fills up, I catch sight of a very familiar figure who is not supposed to be here. With a face that mirrors my own surprise, Sandhyadi looks baffled at the sudden appearance of her first husband Rahul.

Okay, Guys, this would be a long chapter with 5-6 parts.

Now that we have it out of the way do like and comment. I will be waiting to hear from you.

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