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Unravel -2

Unravel -2

Ankit POV

“Hello, I am SP Ankit Sharma and I am the carer for the case. I understand that most of you feel confused with the advent of certain characters but please rest assured that any and every person who is present here today is responsible for what has happened.” I completed my intro and as expected a loud murmur broke out trying to prove me wrong.

It is quite laughable as most of them have no idea what I am talking about. Human nature, we try to defend ourselves even when we have no idea if we are in the wrong or not. I really did not feel like interrupting as the spectacle before I was giving me a better look of the character of all present here.

“ENOUGH! I would like to tell you today about two types of crime. One is intentional and other is unintentional. Many among you would recognize me as a friend of Amit from college...”

As the new generation of the Tripathi family nodded their head in surprise. I smiled at their apparent bewilderment and continued,

“So you can say that I know somewhat about the situation back then...”

“But what has that got to do with the crime that has happened to our Bitiya Rani (Beloved Daughter)” Naksh Mama (Naksh Uncle) interrupted me.

I was about to counter it but a sound from Amit made him back down with all the authority of a deflated balloon. YES, do not mess with my man.

“Usually when the son of a family comes out the entire family tries to hush it out. They make their children promise on their life not to speak of it again and take the other child to a Baba or Swamiji to ensure that everything goes back to normal. This is what commonly happens but it did not happen then and also did not happen now.”

Looking at everyone’s surprised looks I continued, “Everyone from Amit to Toori to Pooja is running around to make sure that no one knows about the sex tape from coming out but everyone present in this office already knows about it, today. Does the word sex tape surprise anyone here?”

As expected no one looked surprised other than Poonam Aunty who looks up and around. Today is a bad day for her. Many things are to be revealed today and after that, I doubt that anyone here knows the role that they have played unintentionally that has destroyed a lot of lives...

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