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Unravel -3

Unravel -3

Ankit’s POV

Have you ever thought how funny life was? It is a great equalizer. It gives back what it takes along with a bonus that is the interest of all the hurt that you have endured over the years. My only hope today is that I work as professionally as possible without taking much pleasure. Easier said than done!

“When this case was given to me the first thing that I did was ... nothing. Absolutely nothing!” I informed them as the people around me looked at me in a baffled manner.

“So, to speak as I wanted to know the full story and the complications that no one in this office was giving me. Neither Amit nor Toori wanted to give me the full picture even as they expected to solve the case. I had to fight to get a look at the video as they were constantly snow walling me.”

“This is not my first rodeo but even then they thought that telling me what to do would be a good idea. I am the professional here but Amit was more than happy to let me run around interviewing the hotel staff in search of clues.”

“That is the way to do things, of course, Bhai would sep in if he feels that you are... HeHe” interrupted one of Amit’s insufferable cousin, Manoj. Any other time I would have been angry but now this is what I had been waiting for...

“Of course, he should and that led me to get a warrant that helped me access all the video footage in the areas adjustment to the hotel...”

“Why not the footage of the hotel? Would that not be easier? These young men I tell you Poonam the incompetencies of the police is astounding. In our time...” Naksh Mama took the pose of trying to give a lecture. The man is impossible.

“That is very much true Sir. That is why I would like to thank Amit as if he had not prompted me to do so I would have never known that on the day in question Manoj was present there in the hotel. Now I do not believe in coincidence but...” I take a dramatic pause. Ha, Amit is rubbing off me.

“Nalayak! Gadha! Bol tu waha kar kay raha tha? Sachi sachi bolna is kand main tera to koi hath nani? (Stupid Donkey! Tell me what you were doing there? Tell me truthfully do you have any hand in play in this incident?)” burst out a furious Naksh mama

At first, Manoj could not move. He sat there thinking of the consciences but upon hearing his father angry tone he could no longer keep quiet.

“Nahi Papa, maine kuch nahi kiya main to bas (No Dad I had not done anything, I was just)...” Manoj fell silent probably contemplating his next words.

“Yes, what were you doing? Why were you there of all places?”

“I went there to meet someone.”

“Whom? Did you along with a friend take Nitya’s...” Naksh Mama’s leg gave away and he stumped down his tools as if preparing himself for the unthinkable. “What did I ever do to have a son like you? You have shamed our ancestors.” He then got up and hugged Poonam Aunty’s feet.

“Please forgive me, Didi! I had no idea he would do such a thing please forgive me. I have failed to bring him up, please forgive me!” he said, again and again, all the while crying copiously.

“Oh stop it, Papa, I did no such thing I went to the hotel to see my darling that is it. He works there!” Shouted Manoj who possible had reached the end of his rope.

Happy New Year, Guys! Have a good one. I am currently enjoying free time but would post more regularly from next week.

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