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Unravel -4

Unravel -4

Amit’s POV

I guess what goes around comes around. Looking at the shaking figure of Naksh who is, in equal measures, relieved and angry, at Manoj’s sudden outburst.

He stopped crying in an instant and then with a look of pure rage mixed with astonishment said, “He... HE?”

“Yes, I am in love with a guy. Get over yourself! Ankit Bhaiya you can check with him he is the manager at the Regent. Mr. Arko Guha” Manoj nearly shouted.

That Dal badlu (Turncoat) well I cannot be angry with him now but I might as well take a parting shot, “But Manoj ... Not that you are wrong but Arko Guha is a man In his late forties and he is a divorcee with three teenagers...”

“What??? No, no, no, no, I forbid you from seeing him Manoj. Could you not have found a classmate or someone more your age like Amit?”

I nearly laughed but as I turned for Ankit to giving me the evil eye, I controlled myself. However, Manoj did not.

“So what he is older than me, I love him. I met him last year during the New Year’s party that our office holds there. He is so mature. I love him and if you think that you can stop me from seeing him you are wrong. I would move out and feel free to write me off your will.”

At this, his mother Rekha aunty got up and slapped him hard on his face. Ahhh! The Indian Woman! She would never speak up in face of her child’s abuse but would slap the same child to death if they speak ill against the husband who probably have never in his life gave her proper respect.

“Badtameez! Nalayak! Apni Baap se aise bat karega! Ye sanskar diya hai maine tujhe! Chal Mafi Mang! (Mannerless! Insolent! This is how you talk to your father! Is this how I bought you up? Say sorry now!)

“Why should I? He never respects you and is always putting you down In front of others. And look at Arko such a gentleman. His wife cheated on him and left him alone to bring up his kids all alone, they were all under the age of six then but he never says a bad word about her. Hell! If Tani, his elder daughter, in the guise of warning me not told me I would not know a single thing. Mom, he really is a good man! I want to but he refuses to sleep with me till I come clear to you about it!”

At this emotional outburst, a slight smile came to display on Rekha Mami’s face and at that time only Naksh Mama decied to try to slap Manoj. Well, He tried but his hand was intercepted by Mami (Aunt). She then glared at him and calmly said, “Mein baat kar rahi hoon, na! (I am talking to him, am I not!)”

“I know you would end up supporting him. I am warning you…” No sooner had Naksh Mama opened his mouth to speak Rekha Mami threw his hand aside and was prepared to do more when Ankit the spoilt sport banged his fist on the table and shouted,

“ENOUGH! We are not here today for this and now Manoj that we have cleared it up that you were there please inform us what you saw there. And everyone else quiets down.”

I am back! Thank You for your patience! Hope this new year bring you a lot of happiness!

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