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Amit’s POV

" Ankit Sharma the son of Junit and Kareema Sharma, 2012 IPS pass out currently SP of Zone 1 of India. Cracked His IPS and IBPS PO at the same time but hid his IBPS PO results from his parents telling them that it is either being a cop or working with his father in the Sari shop. Has a spectacularly clean record! No sign of dishonesty... Currently on traffic duty for disobeying his seniors and making an arrest without a warrant. Salary -...”

“That would be all Toori ...”

“So what has the police done, now?”

Looking up with a brilliant smile the once notorious burglar and current private detective of our organization inquired. Well, you cannot really blame her ... Born on the wrong side of Delhi, she led a very hopeless life which included being sold off multiple times till one of her buyers discovered that she had quite a nack with locks.

No one ever helped her. The same authorities that were to protect her used and abused her a lot of times. Before I found her, alone and pregnant in a government hospital dying in a corner, she had grown a natural distrust of people with authorities. It took me a lot to earn her trust and she is worth every effort.

Fun fact that time was not her first in the hospital and the kid, her daughter, happened to be the 3rd child that had survived of the multiple times she had been pregnant.

Currently, she lives in a posh neighborhood with all three of her children. Till date, this woman an unmarried mother of 3 kids whose life never ceases to amaze me. All her kids live with her and this lady in her mid-thirties faces various ridicules of the society and still remains unfazed.

The only flaw she has is her insane hate for the Indian police. Well, there is not much I can do about it. There is good and bad found in every profession! It is unfortunate that the entire Indian police has to bear the brunt for the miniscule number of weirdos. They even though are wearing the uniform have decided that they are above the law.

They give the force a bad name and it is the good ones that have to bear the brunt. At least, Toori has never intentionally or unintentionally maligned the good ones. She goes over and beyond to save them but if you are corrupt then only GOD can show you mercy as she will not.

“Bhaiji ...”

She called me out of my reverie. Her inquiring eyes giving me the most hopeful expression while her canines were showing the willingness to be up for more.

′ Nothing really... He is a clean cop/”

" Yes but if he has gotten Bhaiji’s attention then maybe he can do something wrong in future ”

Okay, she is creeping me out. I can literally see saliva dripping and those eyes are really glowing with a manic that really has me thinking that maybe a visit to the office of a psychiatrist would really be good for her.

" No, I just wanted to know ...”

“So you do suspect something. Looks like a good boy but everyone knows how perverted they really are under all those covers. If you remove the layers one by one ...”

Okay, she is so not helping my little brother to be calm. I have been thinking about the removal for the last 12 years and here she is detailing it out ...

“May be I can do a little private honeytrap on him. You know ... spike his drink, take him up on a secluded room... the usual...”


“If anyone is going to do that it would be me ... Get. Your. Paws. Off. Him.”

With that I stormed out of my cabin, leaving behind a visually astonished Toori, who is trying hard to regain her composure.

Toori’s POV

“One mystery solved... So this gorgeous piece of ass is the reason Bhaiji has turned into Vishwamitra... I loooove my job ...”

“May I come in, Sir”

And there goes my solitude as Pooja Khanna just walked in with her ample cleavage and slutty clothes.

Sari - An Indian embroidered draping mainly worn by women in India.

Bhaiji - Similar to an elder brother which is what Amit is to Toori

Vishwamitra - The famous sage originally a lunar dynasty king of Kanyakubja, Kaushika turns into a heavenly sage as he gives up on every earthly desire. His one misstep on the way to greatness is the Heavenly Nymph Menaka

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