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Unravel -5

Unravel -5

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Toori’s POV

I never felt so excited in my entire life! I mean WOW! Manoj the macho son of the Verma family is GAY an at that a bottom. Life is really a circle. I would have been happier if I could have teased him about it but his love for Arko Guha would make it impossible to do so. I believe he was only quite about it fearing how it would affect his mother. But if the look on Rekha Mami’s face is anything to go by she is more than happy to accept her choice of her son.

“Manoj, I am happy that you have found the one you love but it was never my intention to call you out on your love life. Believe me, I know how it feels. Now can you tell me, in your words what happened that day? You were there and I know that you would have seen something or someone there?” and with that Ankit Successfully reverted the attention back to the subject at hand.

“No, Ankit Bhaiya. I really did not see Nitya or Rudra there. I just got off work and rushed there to have dinner with Arko and his children. I kept a watchful eye out for Nitya and Rudra but thankfully never met them.” confessed Manoj.

“Manoj, I...”

“If he says that he has not seen anyone then why are you forcing him, Ankit. It is, after all, you who is incompetent to find out the culprit yet you seem to be happy to frolic around exposing the dark secrets of my family.” interrupted Nitya.

As I look at her, I really want to know how did I ever take her side! To say that she is spoilt is an understatement. She wants to have everything but does not want to work hard for it. She is not exactly evil but a margin closer to it. I am sure she had her own dreams and aspirations but...

“I am sure you feel that way Nitya but there is a method to my madness that you may not be aware of. Relax, everyone here is your own and don’t we need our family to counter the biggest problems.“Ankit chided her softly. Giving it to the guy he has more patience than a saint and by the looks of Bhaiyaji, he is pleased as well.

“Now, Manoj please think back and tell me did you see anyone who is not Nitya or Rudra but is also not suppose to be there,” said Ankit. “It can be for a second only that you ignored then, is there one face present in the room that was there that was not suppose to be.”

“Nikunj Jiju... Yes... Yes, he was there. I saw him but... I don’t think he even noticed me he was in such a hurry!”

“Lies!!!” Barely had Manoj said his piece that Nikunj jumped up and started showing! “You are making a mistake. I was not there. You slut! You were in heat try to score a point in the sack! Disgusting as you are how can you put me in your category. Bloody Fucker!”

Manoj refusing to back down said, “No, I am not wrong, I definitely saw you on the 14th floor. Arko has three-bedroom suite there. I saw you there, Full stop!”

A seemingly agitated Nikunj furiously shouted, “YOU BLOODY MAN FUCKER ...”

He then tried to make his way towards Manoj but stopped short as the calm yet firm voice of Ankit got everyone’s attention with a simple question that no one even gave a second thought.

“Which Floor Did Nitya And Rudra Stay In?”

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