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Unravel -6

Unravel -6

Pooja’s POV

This question froze everyone in the room. Everyone seems to be looking at each other not sure what to do next, till Poonam Aunty, the mother of the four siblings started crying profusely. This got everyone’s attention in the room. Suddenly there was a mad dash among the uncles who were all trying to get a hold of Nikunj before the other.

This is not a new thing in the family with the success of Sandhyadi and Amit Sir, most try to indulge the wants of Poonam aunty at any chance they get. It is a very difficult thing to do as Poonam aunty rarely asks for anything. But this has never stopped anyone before!

Within the next minute, many hands would have reached the collars of Nikunj had they not heard the next words of Ankit.

“Nikunj might be a witness too.” Said in a very low tone Ankit without moving much froze the stride of the Tripathi mob.

“Before making any decision that you feel would score points with Amit or even Sandhyadi please bear in mind that is not happening. Everyone loves Nitya but if because of your actions, we are not able to get the required information from Nikunj, you would definitely face the wrath of these two titans.”

In less than a minute the mob subdued and was back in their seats! The man can work miracles!

“Now Nikunj Ji (Sir Nikunj) could you please tell us in detail what you saw that day.” and then Ankit added, “Before you even think of rejecting any chance of your presence let me tell you, I have the recording of the ATM right outside the Hotel. So, can we have the truth now?”

“Well, yes, I was there. I had a… work… meeting. You know very secretive if the opposition knows…”fumbled Nikunj.

As if waiting for this reply only Ankit said,” I did not know that your sari shop has turned into a vast empire. Do tell, how many stores do you have Nikunj? 10 or 2 how many?”

“Just the one but I am trying to expand it…” muttered Nikunj.

“So, do you have the capital ready?” asked Ankit


“Yes, You know the seed money that is required by anyone to start or expand a business in partnership?”

“No, but soon…”

“And How much did Nitya promise you to take the video Nikunj?”

“Deal... Ek Crore (Ten Million Indian Rupees”)

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