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Unravel -7

Unravel -7

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Amit POV

“Just to shoot the video with her?”

When a perplexed Nikunj, shouted “ Well... No... Yes, something like that not... nothing else.”

This is music to my ears. The culprit confessed! Finally, this fiasco was over. Everyone now knows what happened and I am free to be with my wife.

Ankit did it. My man is very capable. The very fact that he made Nikunj confess with so little evidence on just hearsay is mouthwatering. It is I confess made me very horny!

Finally, it is time for me to be happy and I would be dammed to let anyone come in the way. I was swimming in these happy thoughts when I was rudely interrupted by a shrill voice.

“Lies!!!“Screeched Nitya “Utter Nonsense! It is a lie and a very bad one at that. I have no idea what it is that you are intending to do here, officer. But I would really like you to explain why someone in a really high position as me would do something as stupid as sleeping with another guy. But not just any guy but my own brother-in-law. Tell Me Why?” Asked Nitya.

I suddenly become very much attuned to the climate of my seminar room and it is not as I pictured it to be. This is UNBELIEVABLE!

I had hoped that after Ankit has made his conclusion known the whole room would turn against Nitya and she would be hunted and humiliated the same way as I… We had been a decade ago.

This is wrong as most of my family member is looking all weird and at the focal point of their glaze is Ankit. No one is even looking at Nitya even though she is the culprit!

This is Wierd! My mother is crying; Dad looks like he is on the verge of having a heart attack; Sandhyadi looks bewildered and somewhat concerned, while Aradhya seems weirdly composed even though it is her husband who has been ousted as the partner in crime.

The rest of the family is playing detective and trying to figure out, Why Ankit would say this? Does he have some ulterior motive? Would he be benefitting from this in any way? Do they have to believe him? Would they be better of believing Nitya or him?

If the smug look in Nitya’s face could be registered as evidence then it could be proven that she has won. I suddenly feel scared for Ankit!

I should not have involved Ankit in this! Now… Oh God! What the hell do I do? I need to get him out of here.

I turn towards him with the great intention of pulling him about of here, I find the bustard sporting a bigger smile.


I don’t know how or in what manner, everything happening here is all under his control. This man is scary and hot. It is solid turn on for me. Man, if he continues to be this way I might just let him top me! Tonight!

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