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Unravel -8

Unravel -8

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Ankit POV

I was kind of waiting for this moment. A lot of what is going to happen depending on Nitya and I was pretty certain this is how she would react. It is time for retribution and the only way I am ever going to get it is if Nitya questions me.

For someone so smart, she made a very rookie mistake that can potentially…

Calm down Ankit this is just phase. You have a long road before you that you need to keep in mind that this is Nitya and she is Amit’s sister. She is not stupid or in any way less than her brother. What she is… Anyway, that is not relevant and neither is she the master villain.

I doubt even Amit knows his sister’s truth, not just Nitya but all the three. For years I was under the impression that currently, everyone in this room has! Which is Nitya is spoilt or a kid but now I know better.

She is definitely smart and I would be a fool to underestimate her. I turned to look at Amit whose expression screamed, “Please be careful Ankit. Be very, very careful!”

I wanted to tell him, I would Amit, I would be very careful. I am here to stay and she would not take me away from you, ever. I would make sure this ends here and now. I need to bring the mastermind out into the open for all to realize what had happened and why! I hope I am not too late and there are things that they can salvage among themselves.

With this, I gather all my wit and turned my back at Ankit and faced my audience head-on. I need to end it all today and hopefully can bring out the mirror before everyone to showcase their own hand in the disaster that each of their life would turn today!

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