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Unravel -9

Unravel -9

Nitya POV

I have no idea what has gotten into me! I am behaving so recklessly. This is not how I deal with things, but with this guy … Looks like I am not the only one who has noticed his uniqueness.

My elder brother has been constantly eyeing him from the beginning. That Faggot! He is bound to get him heartbroken as this one is pure male. I wonder how good he is but I would never find out.

I don’t know why everyone thinks that I am wrong! Mumma told me and Dad also said how men should only like women. How it is important for a wife to adjust with the moods of their husband and abide by them!

Pooja says that I married rich but a man is supposed to provide for his family. I have degrees too and a job that I was good at. Okay, it was in Sandhya's office and I did not have to interview to get the job, but that is the least she could do for leaving her husband and shaming our family. Dad is still gets humiliated everywhere because of it! Now that she is successful the least she could do is spare some cash.

I excelled at my job but I had to leave it to get married. Mumma said that I was to be at home and take care of my family. That it is a sacrifice I had to make and I did still, Rudra would not look at me.

Okay, maybe I went too far this time and should not have involved Nikunj but it was all Rudra’s fault. I went by the book tended to the needs of his family and him… Still not a glance. He looks at me as if I am a low life but he asked for my hand in marriage, not the other way round.

Maybe I should not have involved Jijaji (Brother-in-Law) but Mumma only says that a good wife should do anything that is necessary to win over her husband. I did everything the right way. Stayed at home, cooked food, did his laundry and more that I did not need to but still, he refuses to even acknowledge me.

I thought that if I fall in trouble he would swoop in to protect me but no, he just scorned me for not being able to keep my affair private. As if I would ever have one!

I am not shameless. I just hoped that he would stand by me in my hour of need but he reacted so... I guess Mumma is right too, men can do anything and they would still not be questioned about it.

I mean everyone knows that Rudra left me alone in our wedding night but no one batted an eye. His family is of the opinion that he needs time to adjust. What time he is the one who wanted to marry me!

He saw me in the office and tried to approach me multiple times! I always rejected him, a good girl does not date they marry the guy their parents have chosen for them and never divorce. If they do they would bring shame to their family!

I don’t want to shame my family like Sandhyadi. No way! I would never be able to see my Dad cry. But I should not have jumped the gun and married Rudra. Look where it has got me! Trapped inside a loveless marriage now with someone who for some reason hates me! What am I to do now?

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