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Unravel -10

Unravel -10

Amit’s POV

I am so bloody frustrated. I am waiting for the moment when Ankit would prove before all the devious ways of Nitya and how she had been ruining the lives of all her siblings for a long time!

She announced my secret to the world, put the life of Ankit at great risk, did not let a heavily pregnant Sandhya di come home and now she is ruining the life of Aradhya with her shenanigans. There is really no boundary to her villainy.

Today is the day; we can finally show her face to the whole world and then maybe we would go back to being the happy family that we were, with no one around to ruin it.

Ankit POV

Truth is a very beautiful yet a very harsh master. It comes in with no embellishments and shows you what is wrong without any duality.

Before I got involved in this I had a very one-track opinion about Nitya. She was always the great villain in my mind but now with what I know, I feel sad for her! She is a kid following everything that was taught to her by her parents who created the mess and left her to deal with it.

She is only 25 and while trying to fix her own situation has made a mess of it. I know that she would never acknowledge how wrong her parents are but maybe I can get uncle and aunty to see where they have gone wrong.

“Do you like stories Nitya?” I asked.

“What?” asked Nitya, ’Stop wasting our time officer…”

“Trust me you would want to waste your time for this. So do you want to hear a story?” without waiting for her answer I continued,

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who lived happily with her parents. She was loved by all as she was the only one among her siblings who lived abide by the rules that were set before her by her parents. She never had a boyfriend, never went to the nightclub, always returned home by 8:30. She stood up against anyone who went against her parents’ ways even if they were family.”

“She always thought nothing could go wrong for her as long as she has never stepped out of line and did everything according to the wishes of her parents. She was the ideal daughter till she married the guy her parents chose for her. She has done everything by the book, hence, what could go wrong?”

“Nothing…” whispered Nitya in a hushed tone, She is sitting hunched on her sit as if the tenacity of the situation has suddenly come crushing down on her.

“Yes, nothing should have gone wrong Nitya. But that is not the truth. Everything that could go wrong went wrong just because those two people whom that girl has trusted so much made the worst decision of their life.”

“Lies!!!” Screeched the great Tripathi matriarch, Poonam Tripathi.

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