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Unravel -11

Unravel -11

Sorry for being late, this time!

Anyway here is a new chapter for you to enjoy!

Ankit’s POV

“What are you talking about!!!” screeched Pooman aunty “No parent would ever wish their daughter ill. You are… (taking deep breathes) telling horrible lies.”

Finally, she has broken her silence. The matriarch of the Tripathi family has spoken and now finally the truth can come out!

“Are you sure about that? What if I tell you that everything that went wrong here is because of the selfishness of another person? That person ruined any chance of happiness for your daughter and is the main reason why we are here today. What would you say then, Mrs. Tripathi?”

Ponaam Aunty is one of the few last people of her generation who if the situation had been any different would have come out as the best mother and mother-in-law. She is the one standing in support of Rekha Mami whenever her brother makes her life hell. She supported Aradhyadi in her decision of higher studies but she failed her children in more ways than one when it came to changing her ways to suit the modern need.

I am in a dilemma whether to hate her or feel sorry for her. She is the one who is to lose the most today!

“I am sure you feel that you are right! After all which mother wishes ill for her child especially one who is as filial as Nitya. But do you know that it is often our own good intentions that destroy our kids more than their own choices.” The moment I said it Poonam Aunty broke down completely and kept on sobbing in her seat.

Surprisingly, no one tried to support her as this is probably the only time they could enjoy the downfall of an affluent family. Looking at their slyly happy my heart went out to her. This is whom she tried to please at the cost of her children. These people are the sole reason as to why Sandhyadi is not allowed to enter home and Amit refuses to go home. Today in her time of need they are gleefully waiting to see her fall.

As if her momentary downfall that would soothe them of the various grievances that they have. The circumstances are such that they would have their ways today.

Amit’s POV

I cannot believe it Ankit is taking the side of Nitya. He is blaming my mother! He might have some misgivings about that time we broke up. He has got it wrong, Ma (MOM) is not wrong it was mainly Dad who threw me out. All because of Nitya!

I need to talk to him. He is wrong. Ma is not does anything, it was all Nitya. It has to be! I must talk to him.

I tried to get his attention but before I could do anything I heard him say, “I would like to ask Rudra something if everyone is okay with it.”

I have no idea what to do now. I mean Rudra would clear it up for me, right! He would tell Ankit how the actions of Nitya have shamed him and his family. Yes, I need to just sit back and relax as Rudra would clear all the misunderstandings and misgivings that Ankit has.

Ankit in the meanwhile looks straight at Rudra and asks, “Rudra who did you sent the marriage proposal for?”

Wait, WHAT???

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