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Unravel -12

Unravel -12

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Ankit POV

Amit’s bewildered face really made me want to stop right here but I know that it would not be fair. Dao pe bohut zindagi lagi hai! (There are many lives tied to this!) It is not just us if I stop today I think all of us are going to lead the most complicated and unhappy life ever. The saddest part is that none of them are even aware of what they are doing to the other.

I take one last look at Amit and then turned to Rudra who was looking extremely guilty by the minute, to get his answer.

“Would you please answer the question Rudra?” I said.

“Why does that matter now? I am married, am I not?” Rudra dragged out of himself.

“Look at your wife Rudra. Just turn around and look at her! She is just 25 years old and you have slowly killing her.” I said

“How? She is thriving as the wife of the illustrious Sharma family. She has it all… It is what she wanted.” Rudra said while exhaling deep breathes.

“No that is not what she wants. All she ever wanted was a happy family, with a loving husband and kids. Yes, she did want to be married to a rich man but all 15-year-olds do. It is either that or a movie star or a cricketer! That is just childish nonsense which most adolescence all around the world goes through. But that does not mean that it is what they would want all their life.”

“Sorry Ankit but you know years ago…” Interrupted Pooja

“Yes, I know what she did but that was a teenager throwing a tantrum has she succeeded in getting her way, she would have been the one regretting her actions for the rest of her life. Thank God that did not happen but please tell me is that all she is?” I countered.

“I do not think so. You may think otherwise but all her colleagues were very impressed with her work in her last office. Her manager was also sad that someone as talented as she left the bright future behind her. He is of the opinion that if Nitya comes back tomorrow he would happily take her back.”

I then faced Rudra and asked him again, softly,“ Who did you want to marry, Rudra?”

Shaking his head from left to right, screwing and unscrewing his face and taking the last bit of courage of courage that he could muster he whispered the one name from the depth of his heart,


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