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Unravel -13

Unravel -13

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Amit POV

I rushed to Sandhaya’s side offering her protection that she would need. She was sitting there shell shocked. I hugged her not sure what to do next while the voices around me started slut shaming her.



“Huh! Sleeping with her sister’s husband! Chi! Chi!”

“Didi Maine Bola Than Na (I told you sister)”

“Divorced Hussy!”

What do I do now! I look at Ankit ready to shout at him and he … I do not believe it he is biting his lip! That is a signal we used in college exams to signal each other that the mischief is in motion. Then he hinted to look to my left.

As I turned my head I saw a very broken Nitya trying to control her tear and failing miserably. In a moment, I forgot how much I blamed her, all I saw was that little Nitya who hero worshiped me and would fight with any of her friends who would bad mouth me. She was called Brother’s little sister rather than my parents daughter.

Today seeing her so vulnerable I just put a hand around her and hugged her. In a jiffy, she was my little Nitya again, burying her head in the nook of my shoulder she said “Bhai! (Brother)” in the most hushed tone possible.

“These divorcees!”

“Pawing with her sister’s husband!”

The voices continued till Ankit cleared his thought and said, “So, you and Sandhya di had an affair?”

“NO!” Shouted a bewildered Rudra, “I loved her from the very first time that I saw her! She is so intelligent, fearless in a tough situating and her daughters were so sweet, so much like her! My intentions were pure, I wanted to marry her not just date to show how serious I am about her I send the marriage proposal but Nitya… She forced her way in my life!”

“Liar! You send a proposal for me. I would never marry a guy in love with another. As if, I see what it does to Aradhya di!”

What now! Do I know anything? I would go mad. Okay, Amit let it go for now. Just deal with the problem at hand.


"No, Rudra she did not know," said Ankit in a calm and controlled tone.

"BUT SHE DID!!!" Screeched Rudra.

“How?” asked Ankit, calm as ever “Even Sandhyadi, who worked with you on various projects, had no idea that you were in love with her. So how did Nitya know?”

“That is… I mean…” Rudra mumbled when faced with Ankit’s on the point logic. He started licking his dry lips, shaking his brain trying to think what went wrong.

He looked at his mother who was also sporting a confused look. He then asked her, “Ma did you get the name wrong? I mean they are all very similar.”

“Rubbish! How can I mix up Sandhya and Nitya? … No, maybe I did … Well she did say I have mixed up the names…” muttered Mrs. Sharma

“I told you … Nitya …” said Rudra with a devilish smile

“I did not” shouted Nitya

“Did too and stop denying… Ouch! MA” cursed Rudra as Mrs. Sharma pulled his ear.

“When will you grow up! I am saying that she said that I have got the wrong name and you have a go at the poor girl? Really! I said that SHE said I got the name wrong not that Nitya told me that I got the name wrong.” roared Mrs. Sharma.

“Then who said that you had got the name wrong, Mrs. Sharma?” asked Ankit.

“Why Poonam JI did!” she said turning towards my mother.

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