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Unravel -14

Unravel -14

I come bearing Gift! Apologies for being late but I hope you like the late night snack!

Amit POV

This is not happening! Not my mom! No, I… NO

Nitya POV

Rudra is lying. No I mean Mumma is … No Not Ma… Why? WHY?

Sandhya POV


Naksh Mama POV

What? Why? DiDi (Elder Sister) … No way! There is some misunderstanding. How can she… Her own children… No Way!

Ankit POV

The entire room is shell shocked. No one saw that coming. People see too many movies today. They have no idea who the villains really are. They are not people who are relishing on their deviousness but simply people who got things wrong. These are people with the best intentions but sometimes it is not enough to have just that to ensure that your loved ones would lead a happy life.

“Ankit You have mistaken. Ma is not like that! She is a pious lady… a… a… a devoted family woman. She does not lie! It must be an honest mistake!” fumbled Amit trying to convince himself more than me.

“Yes, Ankit you got it wrong. Ma would not do this was a mistake an honest one at that. Everyone got confused” said Pooja still reeling in from the shock. “Rudra always asked me out, before. I, of course, refused, it is not proper. But I told Ma about it … So she thought… I mean our names… we all rhyme with each other… it was a mistake… It has to be!”

“Yes, it is just a misunderstanding she… won’t Beta (Son) to her own kids… No way!” Mumbled Naksh Mama.

“Would you like to add something to the list Aradhya?” I asked ignoring all others.

“No, I am fine. Thank You!”Said Aradhya with a bitter smile etched on her lips.

“Well, in that case, Mrs. Sharma can you like to add something then.” I turned to look at Pooman Sharma totally disregarding the numerous faces of disbelief hoping and praying that Amit is shocked enough to not stop me.

“Yes… it was… an honest mistake. Pooja was always going on and on about how Jamai Raja (Esteemed Son-in-Law) would seek her out and ask to meet her… outside work … I thought that his mother got the name wrong.” calmly countered Poonam Aunty.

If I did not know what had happened I would have no problem in believing her. But sadly for her, I do know what has transpired and before I could counter her, a shrill accusatory tone lashed out at her with a lot of bitterness and deep pain.

“Just how many mistakes can you make in a lifetime Mrs. Tripathi? And do tell with how many of your daughters would you repeat it with?” Aradhya inquired in the most defeated tone.

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