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Ankit’s POV

Putting a request for transfer in the Naxal infested area! Check.

In a few days, I would be out of here. I can barely contain my own excitement! I would not get involved with Amit again.

No way! Not happening!

I am a respected officer of the Indian Police force, I would not be jerked off by that jerk.

Ok, so I am to remain alone forever with no partner. Very much doable.

It is better than ruining a girl’s life just for the sake of appearances!

After joining the police force I have witnessed first hand what that does to a girl.

Many commit suicide just because they are not able to face society, which makes it their personal business to rub it in their face even when this girl is not at fault.

I sometimes believe that what a peculiar world it is...

How does a guy’s sexual orientation the girl’s fault?

She is a victim too. Mostly, She is the prime victim who is blamed by all for something that she had no control over.

The men in question also blame them as if they are the reason behind their sexual orientation.

I mean really, This girl came much later in your life. You married her took dowry and then started blaming her because she cannot get it up.

Just grow up! You are not in Kindergarten anymore.

On this note, I must say life is better for gays in India than the lesbians.

For the simple reason, the gays are men.

They still have the power to earn. Despite the social periphery, they are in my humble opinion better of than women!

No matter how high is the earning power of a woman the moment she comes out professing her love to another woman she is subjected to abuse. Surprisingly in the hands of her own family!

I cannot tell you, how many cases of rape have I (nearly) registered of women being sexually abused in the hands of her male relatives because they caught her with another woman.

Most of the time she is married off fast and let to their own defenses!

The law is currently very understanding on the plight of the LGBTQI community... Sometimes I wish society was too.

The beauty of working in the Force is that I get to see the dark aspect of our society every day and most of the time am unable to deal with it.

Amit does not understand... He never did ... Life is not easy for LGBTQI In India ... The so-called change is not coming fast enough ... I rather stay without him than live in a world where he is not breathing...

“Running again... What is the excuse this time? ...”

Snapping me out of my reverie, Amit Tripathi, glared at me ... Holding up ... to my utter surprise ... my transfer request form ...

Toori’s POV

“Button your shirt Pooja ... This is your office, not a pub ... maintain the decorum ... and Bhaiji is not in the office. Do not try to come in If he is not present!”

" The Button just broke when I was breaking a fight ... I would take care of it in a sec... My relationship with Amit is a bit more than you can comprehend Toori... So butt out and I came in to give you your next assignment ...”

" You are on probation ...”

“Yes, that is why I am giving out people their assignment rather than working on a case ... I know you are an investigator ... But I am no criminal ... ”

With that, the Diva walked out of the office after giving my assignment.

Boy, Do I hate Daddy’s little girl!

Naxal - A Naxal or Naxalite is supportive of Maoist political sentiment and ideology. The term Naxal derives from the name of the village Naxalbari in West Bengal, where the movement had its origin.

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