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Unravel -15

Unravel -15

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Aradhya POV

I am sick and tired of this! Just how much life would she ruin before she stops! My mother is… Not the best mother in the world but I have no idea how no one can see beneath her farce of the pious lady! No one… no matter how smart they are ever realizing the … SHE IS PURE EVIL!!! Not anymore!

“So, how many mistakes does it take for you to count as one? Huh! Do tell, With DiDi (Elder Sister) with me, with Amit and Now Nitya! Wow, Mrs. Tripathi, your children are truly expendable!” says Aradhya clapping her hands in the most dramatic manner.

“Aradhya, Chup Kar (Stop IT or Shut UP)” said Rekha Mami

“This is rubbish Ma would not do this purposefully” states Nitya

“Aradhya, it is Ma you are talking about she would never…” adds Sandhya Di trying to say something more but I cut her short.

“Really, I am Delusional, So who stopped you from coming home when you were pregnant? Yes, Dad objected but has she no voice! Could she not have left him for you! You were pregnant, alone it was night and you were not the one a fault Di (elder sister)! But she decided to stay back as the good wife and leave you to rot! Good Woman!” I screamed at her face.

“YES, I did not stop her that night! I thought that she would go back to her husband I did not know…” sobbed Ma.

“Really that is your excuse! Then, what about Amit? I get it you were shocked but how low does a person have to be to… How could you allow papa to gather family and go in the college to murder someone? You, all, are educated! You bloody…”

“ARADHYA!!!” shouted Amit not letting me complete my sentence but I really am not in the mood to.

I look directly at him and say, “She ruined my life. She got me married to a guy in love with another. You know the worst part she blamed me when your great Jijaji (Brother-in-law) continued to sleep with her!!!”

I smiled at my shocked brother as he continued to process the information. Something good in me asked me to stop but now that I have opened my mouth I have this insane desire to go all out. I do not want to hold anything back anymore. All of a sudden I feel so tired of doing it all by myself, I need to tell them, bare it all.

Looking directly at Nikunj I whispered, “He has another family with her. He keeps on taking money out of the business and gives it to her. That is why our shop is running down. The best part, they have kids together, too!”

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