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Unravel -16

Unravel -16

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Poonam POV

No! No! NOOOOO! Why my children? Nikunj…

“It is all, your fault! Poonam! This is all you! You did not teach them right! All of them all are blemishes to the Tripathi name! My poor mother would… You are an utter failure. You were never a good wife and even more, you are a worthless mother! ”

As he continued to speak, blaming me for it all … Suddenly HAVE ENOUGH!

Amit POV

Mom lunged at Dad! MY MOTHER lunged at my DAD! None of us even moved at she hit him. Like a punch to the left and then right and then grabbed him by his hair and…

While growing up I always thought that my dad is the strongest and that man today cannot counter the tycoon that is my mother. She pulled him up to face her and shouted,

“Meri Wajay Se! Ye Sab Meri Wajay Se Hua Hai! Kutta! Kamina Rishta Kaun Laya Tha Dono! Teri Ma Ke Bachpan Ki Saheli O Ke Pote! Waah! (BECAUSE OF ME! All this happened because of me! DOG! Who bought all the Wedding proposals! The grand sons of your mother’s childhood! Bravo!)”

“All my life I could not do this or that because Sasu-Ma (Mother-In-Law) Does not like it! She branded me a slut just because I spoke with a smile! SMILE! Itne saal main chup… Kyon? Kyu ki wo tumari Ma hai. Bohot Ho gaya! (I HAVE BEEN SILENT FOR A LONG TIME! I AM DONE!) Amit I am divorcing your father. You fight my case, Nitya’s and Aradhya’s.”

“Poo… Poonam! Meriu baat toh…(Listen… To… ME)”

“Tell your mother I am done being her lawful servant. I hope she rots in hell! As for my children they would live the most amazing life with their respective partners.” Then she softly added “Amit I really do not care if you are gay or not! I was so surprised at that time. I had no Idea how to deal with this new side of my son and the family that is sitting around you took advantage of that.”

“Didi Main toh… (Sister I only)” fumbled Naksh Mama who has suddenly found his voice. He was going to defend himself but ma is in her element and no one stands a chance today,

“So, I came to you and told you to hurt my son. Is it? I told you, to take a gang of boys To The Collage Where My Son Studies AND ANNOUNCE TO THE WORLD THAT HE IS GAY! I told you that. Really, Naksh!”

She then in her flair turned to Manoj and continued, “So, you are gay, Now! You love this good man who by the sounds of it is pretty wonderful. Tell me this, do you want acceptance now Manoj?”

Manoj silently nodded his head, probably afraid to speak. Ma continued,

“Should I now take a few people to your office and announce to them what you are or maybe I should send people to his workplace! How would you like that, Beta!”

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