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Unravel -17

Unravel -17

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Amit POV

We always knew never to cross our mother. She may look submissive but she really is not and today the rest of the family is finding it out, WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER CROSS POONAM TRIPATHI!!! Is it because she has powerful children, NO! It is because she is a powerhouse herself. By the looks of it not only is she mentally strong but also physically! And she is going for the kill.

“Bua, (Aunt) I accept I was wrong then but…”

“But I should forgive you and let the sleeping dogs lie! No can do Manoj! You see because of you and your great father I had to live without my son for years.”

“But I was only supporting you didi!” pleaded Naksh Mama

“No, you were not. You were trying to score points within the family trying to divert from the fact that you are a good for nothing jobless fool. This was your winning moment to prove your worth while trying to… Let’s just say feel adequate.”

“No, I was trying to right a wrong…” Naksh Mama denied vehemently.

“Wrong, huh! Then tell me why you not go after Amit! You did not raise your hand or even voice at him. He was family yet over the years even when he was nothing all you did was pass off some snide comments at him. But you went after that poor boy he was having a relationship with.”

“He was the one who tried to over cross his barrier coming on to a good boy from a higher family. Of course he was to pay!”

“Save it for someone who has no idea who you are! You are a big bully who knew that you do not have a chance against Amit who even at his worst has more power than you. I mean, he did put you to your place dragging you to jail in Front of the family. You chose the other boy as you knew he was from a lower class family.”

“You thought that you could get away with it! That poor boy, I dread, to think what would have happened that day have you had gotten your hands on him.” She finished shaking her head.

I could not help but glance at the poor boy who was smiling as if amused. I wish I could be upset with him. That day I would have lost my love but he would have lost his life! I have no Idea what I would do if he was not in this world smiling at the situation today.

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