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Unravel -18

Unravel -18

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Ankit POV

Everyone is sitting shell shocked! No one can leave or say or do anything. Sandhyadi keeps on shaking their head. She literally had no idea what to do. Aradhya is looking baffled as I trying to figure out how and where she has gotten things wrong. Nitya looks shell shocked. Poor girl, her whole world is crumbling around her. Amit looks proud and sad. I really want to know how he is known as the smartest tool in the box if he cannot see through this!

I really felt like laughing out loud. Poonam Aunty is something. The lady finally has her day. Being trapped in a mentally abusive relationship all her life she has finally found her way to be free. I wish I could be angry with her. Maybe I would have been angry had not been in the profession that I am.

I see it all the time women trapped in unhappy marriages use their children as straws and stay their marriage as long as they have to say that it is all because of their children. They grow bitter inside it and since they have nowhere to go their frustration knows no limit.

Most women take it out on their daughter-in-law. They try to clutch on to the straw naming their son as would not stop till the relationship between their son and daughter-in-law is completely broken. It is then when they watch their son become the shell of the person that they were. By then they are too late.

Currently, with the heightened level of girl education that has given rise to their earning power, they refuse to stay in the sad relationship that would only be a replication of their mother-in-law’s a few decades ago. In India, divorce is not the norm but currently, with great father figures around they do know when to check out of their unhappy relationship.

I understand that it has certainly not been easy for her and sadly she not one of the great women of her generation who would leave an emotionally abusive relationship with her adult children.

While everyone is trying to figure out what to do and who to support she is in the most dramatically getting her ducks in order, subtly using guilt while trying to get out of a dysfunctional relationship.

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