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Unravel -19

Unravel -19

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Pooman’s POV

No one knows what I go through behind those closed windows. No one knows the sacrifices I made all in the name of having my family all around me. Yes, I made mistakes. I should have left my husband a long back the first time I felt battered emotionally but I had nowhere to go.

I was 18 when I was married for to HIM a man who is more than a decade older than me, without completing my education or without any means of surviving in the world without the security of the four walls. Without a high school diploma, I had no way of surviving this world and my parents had the opinion that I should tough it out.

“Be Silent Poonam! Be Calm! Only Those Who Keep Silent and Remain Calm Would Win the Game of Marriage!”

“This Is Nothing New It Happens To Us All! You Should Just Tough It Out!”

“You Father Has Shelled Out All His Retirement Money We Have Nothing to Give You”

“Do You Wish To Be Your Brother’s Servant As That Is What Would Happen If You Come Back Now!”

Hmph! This is what I was told all the time I cried before my mother. She never had the guts to take on divorced women under her roof even though she was the one who arranged it for me. Is she not responsible for all that goes wrong in the relationship? How is it fair that I pay for her mistakes?

I did pay heavily for it. It did not end after a few years like my mother had promised me but continues till today. I did everything that I could. Starting from ensuring that my daughters received a quality education so that they would not be depended on me! I do not want to fail them as my mother failed me.

I tried so hard yet I failed all the time. HE told me that I can bring Aradhya back home that day when Rudra’s mother came in with a marriage proposal for her. I panicked and told her that she has mixed the name! Nitya is the one who Rudra is going out with.

I could not go another few years without being in the life of my granddaughters! It was never indented to be like this and it stops now.

“I am divorcing your father Amit could you start the proceedings right now!”

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