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Unravel -20

Unravel -20

Amit POV

“You cannot Leave me I would not allow you to… What would people say? My Ma would ...”

“SHUT UP! Amit, I want a clean divorce. I come from nothing! I want nothing! Aradhya is going to take on Nikunj for every penny he has got! Nitya decide what you want to do now !” stated Ma, then as if lost in her own world she stumbled towards SandhyaDi taking her tightly in her embrace and mumbling softly,

“I should have left him long ago Sona! Ma is so sorry! Mera bacha! (My Baby) But not anymore! Ma is going to be with you always from now on! If you wish to marry again I would support you even if the person is Rudra anyway!”

“WHAT?!! But he is…” Dad started to say but Ma gave him a look that would have stopped the worst criminals on track. She then looked directly at him and spoke in a clear voice,

“Stay away from my children. You were right Shiv they are mine. This is why even when they are crushed they would always rise up. They are mine! Not your’s or your mother’s!”

“Look at Nitya, she is the best in her field. She stared at her sister’s office but no one ever said that she is a product of nepotism! When she leaves Rudra she would be fine! Go it! Aradhya is the one who revived the fading store of her in-laws if you think that she cannot do that on her own you are wrong.”

“Do I need to talk about Amit and Sandhya? No, Shiv, I am done I do not care where I go from here but It would not be your house or My Son’s for that matter!”

“Okay that is enough, Ma, stop this, you do not have to stay married but…” said Amit

“I am not even going to my ancestral home Naksh, in case, you are sweating, Don’t!”

“No, no, didi (Elder Sister), I was not…” blurted Naksh Mama, looking immensely relieved.

“Rudra, I am so sorry. I ruined quite a few lives I hope you all can forgive me. If I can just run back time... Hmph...”

Ma turns towards me and says, “And Amit for what it’s worth, you have my permission.”

What now “Permission to do exactly what Ma?”

“To love and marry whoever you wish!”

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