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Unravel -21

Unravel -21

This is not a new chapter. I have made a few changes. A big shout to #shreetamac84! Thank you for pointing out the discrepancies. Next chapter to be uploaded by Monday. Love you all!

Nitya POV

After the heartfelt performance of my mother in the conference room, most people are disappearing fast. My mother is currently perched on a chair hugging all her three elder children while my father has stood rooted in the same place for the last hour as if unsure what to do next. Poor guy, he really has no idea how to get into the inner circle of his own family without my mother by his side.

God Rudra is such a fool! I mean if you wanted to marry SandhyaDi should you not have told me directly! No, he muddies the water, creates all the misunderstanding and then plays the ultimate victim. Idiot!

Okay, I would have been hurt but I not as much as now. But, Ankit... He saved me from a lifetime of misery. Maybe I should give him a call after this… Just to express my gratitude… A simple coffee... Not like a date - DATE but … WAIT is that ... Pooja! Well, well... Time for fun.

I latched on to a Stumbling Pooja who was desperately trying to escape the conference room. She is probably trying to avoid me, at all cost but it is not possible to do so. I have waited a long time for this.

“So Pooja, it seems that this time, you have successfully managed to ruin my perrrrfect life,” I said feeling more content than ever of finally have one up against Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes.

Pooja with guilt written all over her said, “Wait I did not… Mean to! Really It is just how I thought... You would do... things. I mean you have in the past.”

“That matters why?” I cut in without letting her complete, “Ok, so I am a great villain but when did that give you the right to do what you did."

I feel great looking at the ashamed expression of Pooja, it is weirdly satisfying. I continue, "But Since it has happened this way ... Can I have my friend back.”

I am on my knees begging now, I want my friend back and am hoping that two wrongs make this one right for me. It has been too long that I felt this dread ... This should work, it has too.

I felt my heart stop waiting for Pooja to nod affirmatively and when she did I left... relieved.

I feel that finally have reached a full circle. No one knows how much I have prayed everything to go back as they were in the beginning but today it has become true. Even with all the mistakes that I have made I am all but forgiven and accepted. Well, dreams do come true and Ankit made it happen! He is a blessing and I owe it to him to give us a chance.

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