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Face To Face

Face to Face

Sorry, For being this late, Personal Issues. I hope you love it!


I have not been so much in peace for such a long time. It is like I … I cannot describe it. I have not moved back home, NO, not surrendering my S*X life but it is still good. I am talking to… anyone, Yet but I feel good. My sisters and mom have currently moved in with Sandhya and we … have not talked since that day but… hoo. Chug it I love the win.

Ooooh! The horrified faces of my immediate and extended family, their defeated demeanor and my mom’s approval, I am at the top of the world. The best part is that it does not affect me at all. I win, all the approval as well as the permission, not that any other mattered than one, to marry the one I love. Life could not be peachier if only Ankit was here to enjoy it with me.

I really think that I should fire Toori the very day the case got solved the eternal cop hating detective rang Ankit’s superior and gave him the good news. By evening Ankit got re-instated and let me tell time in one thing that good cops cannot give their partners. Top that up with the decent amount of business that I do, we rarely meet even though Ankit has moved in with me. I have not seen him for the past 2 days.

Anyway, today I am meeting the newly divorced Rudra. Giving it to Nitya, she got her marriage annulled the very day, the great Tripathi girl, only Aradhya is holding the fort as she should. She really had been through too much to leave empty-handed. Thankfully, her in-laws are with her, she is after all the mother of their precious grandson, hypocrisy at its best but this time it serves a good purpose.

Turns out that from the very beginning, Nikunj was torturing Aradhya mentally to leave him as he knew if he filed for divorce his parents would disown him. Eying Sandhya was him last-ditch attempt to make her leave but it backfired as Aradhya got pregnant and Sandhya never fell for him. Currently, his other family is out on the streets as his parents have withdrawn their support but, at least they have him or company. That is what his girlfriend claimed that she wanted all along. I really want to see how long heir love lasts.

Rudra is really pissing me off, he is late and wasting my time. There is so much that I can do with it! Like talking my would-be hubby but now I am stuck in this hip Café carrying the ring that I want to put on his finger in my pocket. But wait is that Ankit I see entering the Café.

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