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Face to Face - 2

Sorry for the disappearing act! Life happened! Anyway I am back! Would be updating more soon!

Face to Face - 2


Ok, maybe it is a blessing of sorts in disguise. Rudra can be as late as he wants to be as I can get Ankit for company. I was just about to move from my table to his that I finally saw the person he is meeting. It is NITYA!!!

Why is my man meeting my bratty sister? And why on earth is she so decked up? I am not getting a good feeling out of this. I shall not panic! Amit, you are too old to panic!

I need to get a table closer to them. I CANNOT LOSE HIM! I SHALL NOT LOSE HIM TO THAT BITCH AGAIN!

But Before I call for the waiter to arrange the change, I… Am… Interrupted.

“Sorry, Amit Bhaiya (Big Brother) for being late, you know na these late running board meetings. Thank You for coming by the way I thought that you would not be coming. Anyway, thank you for coming, I really need your hel...”

“Ya! Ya! Not now! I would be calling you later. “

“Bhai, please listen to me, this is important! I reallllly love Sandhya! I love the kids too! You need to help me Bhai. You must tell her…”

“I am busy now Rudra. I do not need to do anything for you to get your f..king life on track yourself. Now Move!”

“No! No! Nononononononono! Bhai stop! You are my only hope. Please… you must…”

At this point, I am really pissed and glad that Ankit is a little further away as this fool is not only hindering me but also getting on my nerves. He is making the SCENE that I am trying to avoid.

“Get out of my face now Rudra Or else!”

“What more can you do I am dying here every day. Every moment that she is not with me is like death to me. What more can you do to me? If you are not going to help then please kil…”

“If you do not move now Rudra I might just do that! Move now!”

“You are not going anywhere! You are the only one who can convince her!” and then he started wrestling with me.

This continued for a while before a voice cut across us, “Get your paws off him Rudra or I might shoot you.”

Yep! We have successfully caught Ankit’s attention who is staring at us with a frowning Nitya right behind him.

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