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Face to Face - 3

Face to Face - 3

Sorry for being late guys! I hope you enjoy the chapter! Would try to be more regular from now on! Thank you so much for your support!

Amit’s POV

Have you ever in your life came face to face with your worst nightmares all at once! Well, right at this moment I am, facing it!

I know Ankit, he loves his parents a lot! So much so that he would rather leave me for them that seek their blessings. If they want a daughter-in-law he would marry a girl! And who better than Nitya knows how to manipulate a situation!

HE IS LEAVING ME! He Is Leaving Me! And there is nothing I can do about it!

“STOP!” shouts Ankit suddenly, “Amit I am not going anywhere and Rudra if you do not get your hands off him this very second I am throwing your ass in jail.”

An astonished Rudra muttered, “No way are you bluffing! You are an esteemed officer of law… You would not…”

“Drugs, Honey trap, Public indecency… One of the few ways I can put you in remand custody and I would just make it unofficial aka not put anything in writing and that way no lawyer can bail you out. You know I can do it and my impeccable record would help me do it. In fact, I would be praised by your parents as you would have no criminal records because of it!”

As Rudra took his hands off me I felt kind of in awe of this man who can read me so well. For the first time in a long time, I felt that everything would be all right. Ankit would not leave me! He is no longer the boy scared of what people would say but a man who knows what he is supposed to do despite it.

Just when I was feeling relaxed my eyes fell on the calculative Nitya!


Something is off! I came here today to confess to Ankit and minutes later after his arrival before I could even completely tell him about my feelings our attention fell on the ruckus created by Bhai and Rudra. Seeing Rudra manhandling Bhai Ankit shot out of his chair and went towards them.

I felt good seeing this but now as I see the protectiveness exerted by Ankit for Bhai and the accusing eyes of Bhai (Elder Brother) on me, I feel as if … No no no NO! I am not wrong, am I? I mean Ankit did everything for me! Bhai anyway has a lover..!

Feeling all the more baffled I stand beside the one person who feels the same, my ex-husband Rudra!

“Now that we are here Amit you might as well introduce me to them. Properly!” said Ankit bequeathing upon my elder brother the sweetest smile! Oh, how I wish I was on the receiving end of that smile! Hmmmph!

Bhai raised his brows as if confirming what he heard and holding his hand gently, said in a whisper, “This is my Ankit. We are together, now and forever.”

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