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Oh Lord He’s Back! -2

Oh Lord, He’s Back! - 2

Ankit’s POV

I feel like I am dreaming and Amit is raging before me just like the old days. During college days too he would suddenly appear before me straight out of my thoughts like magic!

Oh! How I missed him! To not be near him happens to be a daily battle that I would happily lose. But I don’t, to tell the truth, the consequences care me a lot! It is not that I do not want to be with him but I really fear a repeat of what happened years ago.

The mob still scares me and even after all these years after I have turned into a police officer and a good one at that, if I may say so myself, I am still scared of the repercussion of my own sexuality.

I love this fuming man before me and I want to be his with all my being but I know it is not right. I have my parents to think of and if their only son is gay.

They are lower middle-class people and to have a son who is not normal would certainly affect them badly. They are simply hard-working people who had a son who was not ordinary. To ensure that I become something, they both worked day and night all around the year.

Just thinking of the daily torments that a jealous society would smear them with is enough to stop me at my track. Amit never understood anything and I fear that he would never understand it!

Even in his bad days, HE is THE AMIT TRIPATHI, the best student and football player in college. The blue-eyed boy on a sports scholarship that every girl wanted coming from a better background than me.

I wish he just stops pushing me and accepts the fact that we are over. Even if I want to there is no way I can.

“Would you stop smiling and ANSWER ME!!!” He shouted

Shoot he is really here!

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