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Face to Face - 4

Face to Face - 4

Ankit’s POV

Did I mention how melodramatic Amit is? I guess you always bear the fruits of the seeds that you sow! Hearing if say this I realized how insecure I make him. He is always scared that I would run and I never did anything to counter this belief.

Nitya looked shocked at first and then as if understanding who I was, smiled the biggest smile and said with tears filling up her eyes, “I am so glad to meet you. Please believe me! I did not mean anything to happen at that time! I just thought that they would talk to Bhai. Never in a million years did I think to harm you! I did not know! I really did not know! Believe me!”

Amit’s POV

“I Know Nitya! I never hated you!” said Ankit. I felt a tingle bit of jealousy, hearing this. What does he mean by this! All the hurt and pain and shame… How could he not remember!

“It is not her fault Amit. She was an angry child! Do not blame her as you would then be excusing the actions of the elders who are supposed to know better!” Ankit silently reminded me.

True, Nitya was a brat but I doubt she ever thought that her words might cost someone his life. I guess he is right! Before I can say anything I was interrupted again by someone whom I really do not want to see for the longest period of time.

“What is going on here?” asked a baffled Rudra and before I could answer him Nitya did it for me,

“Really with this pea-sized brain that is devoid of any grey cells, you want to marry my sister. Not just anyone, the great Sandhya Tripathi! She is supposed to be impressed by you! How in the world do you think that is even possible?”

Blunt as always! That’s my little sister! Yes, I take full credit! She is a mini-me. No sugar coating!

“Nitya, I am sure it would be difficult for you seeing me with her…”Rudra said in the most patronizing tone ever and would have continued for sure if he not have been stopped by Nitya.

Raising a brow the youngest member of the Tripathi family inquired,

“What you think I am in love with you? Really do you think that is possible after what you did?”

If I was Rudra I would maintain my silence but not him. But all he could get out was one sylable before facing the most logical wrath of Nitya.

“What a load of crap! I am not crazy Rudra. Had you told me about this on our wedding night I would have divorced you! Then and there. But no you had to be the great martyr! You rather be sad than happy and blame me for it!”

“No… I misunderstood… I did not … You must understand…”

As Rudra kept on fumbling Nitya continued to speak,

“I do understand Rudra. No one doubts you for that but was it necessary to keep the facade up for six months… are you crazy Rudra! Do you know or understand what you put me through for this! I striped by myself of every decency to get into that shower with my sister’s husband just to get your attention."

" I became a slut to get your attention so shut the f*** as I not you is the real victim here.”

After successfully shutting up the overconfident Rudra she continued,

“I do understand where you came from Rudra in this situation but I am telling you that this was of your own making. No one I mean no one made you stay married to me after you discovered the truth that night but you did nothing as your ego could not take it. Can you blame me for being scared about the fact that you are not good enough for my sister who has already been victimized by someone so like you?”

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