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Face to Face - 5

Face to Face - 5

This is the last chapter before the epilogues started rolling. Thank you all for being a part of this journey! Thank you for giving Ankit and Amit for all the love.

I know there are a lot more loose ends and I would be tying them up soon. I know I am late but thank you for being patient.

Love you all see you in the next chapter! P.S. Check out the "Housemate" too!

Nitya POV

“Way to go little sis!” was written all over Bhai’s face. It was always like this. Even when I used to be that not so perfect Indian girl from a conservative family whose actions shamed her parents Bhai would always be my side. Smiling and cheering for me even if I am wrong.

I missed him so much over the years. Now as I see him looking longingly at Ankit who is blatantly ignoring him it all falls to place.

Ankit was always his. They are the ones who were meant to be with each other, in their happily ever after.

It is a wonder that Ankit did not hate even after what I did to him but then he is the mature one. Even as Bhai is making a puppy face at him he is just calmly looking at me. As if waiting for my approval and it is about time I give it.

As I nod my approval, he turns and faces Bhai. Then he engulfs him into a tight hug. WOW! I am a Fujoshi now!

Rudra POV

I had heard stories about Amit Bhaiya swinging the other way but personally thought that it was all a big lie. Rumors spread by competitors wanting to sabotage him. He always seemed to be the manly man but now…

What do you know he has a stable boyfriend! The same one who a few days ago made me a laughing stock in front of my family! I would have taken action against him too if not for the fact that he got Nitya out of my life enabling me to pursue Sandhya.

Sandhyaaa… The best one among the Tripathi sisters! I still remember when I first met her. Like an Idiot, I thought less of her because she is a divorced single mother and man did I get served for it.

Not only did she won over the business contract from us but also go our group to shell out more. That day all I wanted was to F**k her at least once.

Yes! I am not proud of it but the fact that she was elder than me as well as a single divorced mother made me feel that I am too good for her.

Being a fool that I am I tried to woo her over with some subtle moves which she ignored. As one who prides himself on not giving up, I kept on pursuing and even made friends with her daughters. Yes, that was low!

Then I don’t know when, but I felt so complete. I felt great about the idea of waking up next to her in the morning. Having our daughters rush in and jump on the bed with us. It would really be nice.

Maybe it can still happen I mean persistence does pay off. Look at Bhai, even with odds behind him, he made it. Maybe I can too!

“Yep! You need to make her believe in you, to trust you more than you need us advocating for you. It is not rocket science you just need to be there. You can do it and if you need help I am around too!” said Nitya giving me her brightest smile.

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