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That Bastard!

That Bastard!

Ankit’s POV

To say that I am surprised by the paper in his hand would be an understatement.

I feel shocked! threatened! And suddenly realized I am underdressed!

That’s not all. I am in my apartment and so is Amit.

“Cat got your tongue? ANSWER ME!!!” He shouted.

“How Did you get in? The door was locked... Wait! How did you get my address? I moved ...”

“Just days ago I know... You really think you are in charge that you can leave...”

“I ... Yes”

“Ji... Nahi... Afser Shaib... Not this time. I had enough. You cannot forever leave me. No... Each time we get close you leave... What is it this time? Why another runner?”

“What are you going to do? THere is nothing you can do... I refuse to give my consent ... and what you are doing is trespassing. I am an officer of the law and I have a right to arrest you ... NOW!”

“Go ahead ... bring it out. You know I loooove kink ...”

If anything I feel more threatened. I break the toughest of the scums on earth but I seem to be at a loss today... I want to run but my body does not seem to respond.

It has suddenly grown into a separate entity. I am here inside it but it seems my wishes have been sidelined. A decade is a long time and now it wants its long deprived release.

If anything I am inching closer to him and that bastard knows it and is smugly standing there enjoying my helplessness.

Amit’s POV

I know I should not but watching him inch closer to me is so gratifying. The beauty of the man can tempt the greatest sage. I did not mean to barge in. I meant to ring the bell and wait. Not my strongest pursuit! But never in a million years would I have guessed that I would catch him just in a towel after a bath.

As I look at the highly defined abs, those proud pecks, and that slim waist, I feel pretty proud to be just standing here. But not for long!

As Ankit tries to win control over his mind I rush in and crash my mouth in his. I bit his lower lip after a range of continuous assault with my tongue but he refuses to budge.

Boy did he struggle! But he is at a tactical disadvantage! He is the one in a towel.

The next instant, it is off his waist and on to the floor as I take control of his shaft. His mouth parts in disbelieve as I start to care for his semi-erect shaft and nurture it.

Ankit’s POV

I am at a loss! I cannot speak! I cannot push! All I can do is feel!

Any control that I had gathered had left me as I am pushed back into my bed with Amit taking control of my body.

As one hand of his took control of my erection the other left my jaw and traveled all the way the way to my pec!

Amit has taken full control of me and yet he has not lost any.

Amit’s POV

If the moaning is anything to go by, this is consensual! It continued until I found his sweet spot and start maneuvering it.

At this point, the moaning stopped and the spasms began, as I knew it would.

But I am not as un-effected as he may think I am!

It is a task to keep myself in check as try to ready him for it.

I use one hand to shred off all my clothes and it is not an easy act. But as I try to withdraw my hands Ankit pulls me on him.

He refuses to let go. I keep on kissing him as keeps rubbing himself on me. There is only so much I can take and as he takes in my erection he both pales and blushes.

I waster no time and turn him on his back. As I am about to enter him I realize I do not have a condom.

Ankit’s POV

“Tell me you are clean!”

At first, I could not make out what the hell is he talking about. Then, I feel angry as well as oddly touched (pun intended)



′ I Can’t Hear You”

I, frigging, hate the guy. I know he has heard me clearly and is now delaying just to satisfy his ego.


“Tsk! Tsk! Can’t wait any longer! Should I leave! I mean you were running away... And this is not conceptual ... I am so against taking away the right of my wife to say NO...”

I panic as he starts to pull away. Hence, I do what I need to.

I plater my back to his front and start nibbling his ears... his sweet point.

For a moment, everything goes quiet. Then he slams himself into me as waiting not even a minute for me to adjust as he takes me again and again. Till there is blood...

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