Just Round The Corner

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Ankit’s POV

“Mana ... Jaane Do Shahib... Mane Kuch Nahi Pata...” (Let me go Sir... I don’t know anything)

The criminal before me was begging for mercy as I was offering him 1st-degree interrogation. I have not yet done much other than a random slap in his face yet the man was shouting as if I have.

I really cannot blame him, trapped in the piss-smelled dingy room of the police station I absolutely realize how he was feeling.

But today is his unlucky day! His bad luck could not be more evident as he is bought in at a time when the officer on duty cannot sit down.

Yup! My prostate is acting up after being in the worst possible position in the world.

And what did that bastard do after he realized that there is BLOOD? He cleaned me up and then rather than letting me rest played some more. all the while keeping me on the edge yet not letting me cum.

To say that I am exhausted is an understatement! But I have to work to eat an honest meal. That is why Kabir Dube is in for it if he does not confess.

Though I was kind of hoping against it took just a few slaps for him to give the required information after that I asked my junior to take him to his cell.

While I went out to have a cup of tea and a smoke as I am unable to sit.

“Kyu Sharmaji Aaj Aap Khare Khare Chai Pe Raha hai?” inquired my ever curious subordinate Patelji. (Why Sharma Sir today you are standing while savoring the tea?)

I really cannot ... I am exhausted ... and still, have an hour of the shit to go if nothing goes wrong.

Good thing I have been in this position before! Hence with a great air of importance, I replied,

“Since, when do we really go off duty, Patel Sahib, these dark circles are just the testament of how efficient police works...” I answered letting out the long holding deep breath.

Before the tomato red Patelji could even fire another question towards me, a silky voice inquired, “What off the paleness sahib?”

I turned around to see a little minx of bronze stature smiling at me slyly. For the second time, I felt uneasy today.

The first time was Amit sizing me up as I was dressing up in the morning before I left for work. Round the corner of his sinful mouth hung a know it all smile that made me blush to the very core of my being.

“Bhaiji asked for you. You must come with me.”

“Hang on a minute! Who is asking for me? and why would an officer of the law go to anyone? If someone has any grievances they are free to come in and report as they wish!”

If anything the smile of the girl widened at this outburst. Showing off her pearly whites, she exclaimed,

“You might not want to keep Amitji waiting ... after all...”

“Look, Miss, I don’t know what you are implying but do go back and repeat this conversation to the great Amitji, and see what happens!“, I say after brutally cutting her off. Dam you Amit, now I have to deal with your latest... Great just great!

“Now if there is not really anything...“, I turn my back and go inside the station, leaving behind two lonesome bewildered character.

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