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Amit’s POV

This is not good. I am done for. I mean really if I cannot trust Toori who is left...

Looking at the cheeky smile of the woman opposite me I cannot help but snarl.

“What is wrong with you? Did you not know who he is? He is not one of the regular side pieces! He is the one that every one of his senior trusts to get the job done. Were you there or not when the DGP who had just a few days ago put him on traffic duty told us that he is the one who can do it all in the most silent manner! I mean what were you thinking!”

“Relax, he could not even walk properly! I mean he looked like a man who was really tasted the night before ...”

Now I paled at her raised eyebrow! I know that she means well suddenly I realized how it would have looked to Ankit.

He would have thought that Toori was my latest squeeze and the woman just marking her territory. Just the thought made me feel gross!

“Do you want to fuck me!”

As her eyes turned into saucers ... portraying disbelieve, I inquired,

“Since when do you have feelings for me? Is it because I am your savior! should I take off my clothes...′

“BHAIYAJI... ” a bewildered Toori shouted feeling as threatened as Ankit would have felt.

“I was just teasing you Toori ...” I said in a silky smooth tone, “No need to feel threatened I am not a stranger evading your workplace ...”

“Got the point...” countered a visibly pale Toori, ” Should I speak to him again ...′

“Don’t bother he is off duty now...”

As I turn to leave Toori asked,” Is he the right one for the job? You know what is at stake...”

“Yes, I do. But that does not change the fact that Ankit has solved quite a number of cases in the un-official status and away from the public eye. He has till date never even breathed a word of the scandals to anyone. Most do not even know that things like this ever happened to their favourite star or politician...”

“So he is basically pet of the rich”

“No, he held himself to the highest standard. Want to know why he was punished a few days back? It happened because he gave some evidence on an on-going fast track case, that is currently being fought in the court. He found it when he was tracking another criminal. This evidence was key to turn the verdict in the favor of the defendant.”

“If he is so good then why are you not together?”

“Perception he believes that loving me is wrong... He rather remains alone his whole life than be with me. He is scared of the what ifs and whatnots...”

Ankit’s POV

I ignore the big guy sitting on my couch as I enter my home. I don’t even bother the ask the inevitable as I know It would not matter to him. After all, when did I matter to him so much?

He kissed another girl the next minute he broke up with me. Yes, I asked him to break up with me but did he really had to rub my face in it.

As I wash my face I feel his palms hugging my waist and upon seeing that I did not react, it started going down.

With years of police training kicking in I did not react at all. As I was drying my face without batting an eye, I heard, “Is my baby angry? You know I am yours right!”

With that came a light kiss on my shoulder.

“That stopped you before. I want out. I was out successfully for a decade but no what Amit wants he gets right? The rest of us do not matter. I say no but you maneuver me to comply! So want to go another round! Is that it, you want sex! Feel free! Do whatever you want.”

“Don’t mind if I do... ” are his last words as he pounced on me. Smashing my lips with his, he cooked up a small storm that I really had no way to get out of.

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