Taken In The Woods

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Chapter 5

“Why are you just standing there with your mouth open?” I giggled.

As I pulled on my nightdress, the poor guy’s confidence was draining faster than the color of his face.

He was grabbing my ass half an hour ago and chewing my face. Something told me that he didn’t think I’d be so quick to skip a few bases and that’s why he wanted a month.

Fair enough, I was being direct. I was used to getting exactly what I wanted and this guy was no exception. I usually slept with a guy on the first or second date, depending on how much wine I’d had to drink. There was no way I was prepared to have a month’s abstinence.

Sorry bear-boy, that’s just not an option.

Even Goldilocks tried out every bed in the house. Well, maybe not like that, but that depends on which version you read.

He licked his lips, running a hand through his already messed up hair.

“What, like now? As in, right now?” Axel stammered, his eyes growing huge.

It was so cute, I had to chew on the insides of my cheeks to stifle a laugh. I could tell he wanted to. He sooo wanted to. It was obvious, the cogs were turning around in that brain of his. It made me feel more powerful, superior, in charge. Just how I liked it.

Here, standing before me like a stuttering mess, was a guy with the full potential to be a walking sex god. All I had to do was mold him into whatever I wanted him to be. He was a blank canvas. Perfect.

If only he’d learn to keep his trap shut, he would be the ideal man, I rolled my eyes as I thought to myself.

“I’m going to take a shower, you wanna join me?” I threw in the casual offer as I breezed past.

I even fake stretched with an exaggerated yawn, making sure he got a good look at my behind as I walked through the door. The shirt rode up just enough to give him a sneaky view of the goodies. All he had to do was put his hand in the cookie jar. Something told me that underneath all that earlier bravado, stood an honest, decent, respectful guy, who just so happened to believe I was his fated mate.

So what if he was a bear shifter? His level of hotness blows all human men out of the water.

If he didn’t follow me, it wasn’t the end of the world. I’d said shower, not bed. So if he decided to pass, I wouldn’t lose face.

The snakes that I'd dated in the past were all pretentious assholes. Spoiled, chauvinist, trust-fund, mama’s boys. This guy was down-to-earth and his family photos were further evidence to back up that theory.

“Um, well, yeah, alright,” I heard him deliberate behind me.

We came to a sudden stop at the top of the stairs. I couldn't remember the way to the bathroom. There was an awkward exchange of glances before Axel led the way, nervously.

It was a typical cabin style bathroom, clean and orderly, nothing extravagant. The toilet was in one corner, the sink was underneath the window, there was a towel rail attached to the wall and a medicine cabinet that doubled as a mirror. There was a free-standing bathtub with a traditional long-necked showerhead on one wall, located above the controls for the water flow.

He switched on the shower, then turned his gaze towards the floor as he sidestepped past me.

“Just let me grab a few towels and I’ll be right back,” he mumbled.

I stripped off my nightdress and stepped into the bath-tub, only to let out a gut-wrenching scream.

“It’s freezing cold! Axel!” I shrieked, whilst bolting back out again.

He hurried back, carrying the towels.

“Whoops, thought I turned the dial towards 'warm', my bad.” He gave an apologetic look. “I usually take a cold shower. It’s set to how I’d have it,” he explained.

“It’s a wonder you haven’t frozen off your appendage. Ugh, never mind, get in,” I blew out in frustration.

I stepped in first as Axel was stripping off, I was tempted to peek around the shower curtain. Instead, I gave it a double-take because it had pictures of frogs on it. Cartoon frogs.

Along the side of the bath, there was a bottle of men’s shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, a razor for shaving and a white bar of soap. There was nothing that didn’t smell of manly-man. That meant one thing: I needed to go shopping. I doubted I’d find a corner store out here in the forest.

My breath hitched in my throat as Axel slid in beside me and closed the shower curtain.

“You’re hoggin’ all the water, you wanna move over a bit?” He complained.

I rolled my eyes as I turned to face him. “You think we’re actually in here to take a shower?” I asked with an amused smirk.

The look of confusion on his face was priceless. I sighed in frustration as I got to my knees in front of him.

“Oh c’mon, where’s your sense of humor now,” I teased.

He was half turned on when I wrapped my hands around his cock, bending it away from his body. I met his shocked gaze before taking him in my mouth, sucking him in and humming purposely to send vibrations down his shaft.

I heard him gasp and felt him stumble as he caught himself, bracing himself against the tiled wall with one hand.

This little exercise was purely for educational purposes. I was going to give Axel Thorne lesson number one: Always make them wanna come back for seconds. Once you hook’em you wanna reel that baby in, you don’t wanna snag the line. Once you feel the bite, wind it in slow and steady.

Fishing, the female way.

“Fuck, Riley, that feels good,” he groaned, panting and rocking his hips in sudden jolts.

I looked up at him through my lashes, enjoying the play of his muscles beneath his firm skin, feeling his ass tighten and relax with every dip and suck, his cock pulsed, balls heavy, thighs thick and powerful, arms long and hard and bulging with muscle, one palm flat against the tiles.

The water was getting just this side of too hot, the stream from above beating down with incredible force, the jets spraying me directly in the face. He moved his body so that his back took the full force of the blast, allowing just a splatter of water past his wide muscular shoulders.

“Jesus Christ, Riley.” His voice was a ragged whisper.

He took my hair in two handfuls and gripped hard, sucking in a rasping breath and groaning it back out. My scalp burned as he threaded his fingers through my now dampened hair, winding it around his hand.

His eyes squeezed shut, his lips slightly parted. My God, did Axel Thorne look as sexy as hell when pleasure consumed him.

I moaned, more for his benefit than mine; the vibrations made him growl and thrust again, jerking his hips as he fucked my mouth.

Sensing that he was close, I kept my lips sealed around the groove beneath the head, sucking and massaging his balls as they tightened and clung close to his body.

I allowed my tongue to swipe over the head, earning some raw guttural groans from him. His hips jerked and his back arched. He tilted his head back open-mouthed, his face scrunched in a pleasurable grimace. I could feel his legs begin to judder as he got closer and closer to his release.

I let him move as hard as he wanted, pulling away from his thrusts until he groaned in protest. I had to make this memorable. It was his first sexual encounter after all.

Then I downed him, pulling him away from his torso and taking him into my throat until his balls touched my chin—the deep throat, and he didn’t disappoint. My throat muscles contracted around the soft spongy head of his cock as I massaged the shaft with my tongue.

I felt a moment of triumph that I’d taken that much of him. The guy was hung like a fucking stallion.

He tugged on my hair twice. “I’m coming, Riley, oh, shit, fuck, Jesus.”

His sack pulled tighter and his cock throbbed, jerking in my throat. He came with a burst of hot, salty, musky come on my tongue. I sucked and swallowed, sliding my fingers down his length, massaging his sack to milk the hot streams from his cock. I kept bobbing on him, holding his ass as he growled with enjoyment. He rocked his hips, thrusting his cock into my mouth and I felt another spurt of come jerk from him, then again, less this time until he arched his spine, fluttering his hips in small quick thrusts.

“You are sooo good at this, ahh fuck,” he groaned.

Lesson one was almost complete. I could give him this... Me! I could make him come like a train, and he will crave more and more of this. I could guarantee it. I sucked at each little spasm of his cock, holding him still against me with one hand squeezing his butt cheek, flicking his pulsing head with my tongue, milking him with my mouth until I knew he was done. I was a relentless bitch, continuing the torture, bobbing my head and creating as much suction as I could. He gave out strained groans, obviously feeling incredibly sensitive at this point.

Finally, he stumbled backward, wrenching himself from my grip. I let him go and stood up, watching him with a casual smirk as he sagged back against the wall of the shower.

His weakness injected a huge boost of power to my overly inflated ego and I could’ve burst with pride. This was a man who seemed as if he preferred to be in control, a man, strong, and equally as proud. Cocky and occasionally arrogant. Sarcastic and undeniably cynical, and I had just reduced him to a panting, boneless mess.


I couldn't peel my eyes away from Riley's naked body. The first time was awkward, the second time, I was more prepared.

From behind, I took the chance to fully appreciate her. It wasn't like I'd never seen a naked female before. Nudity was a common occurrence with shifters. We don't usually suffer from embarrassment, but this time it was different. She was different. This was the body, the one that would take away my V-card.

She really was something, tempting me to sin like a siren, luring me into uncharted waters, where she would pull me overboard and drag me to the depths. I'd go along with her willingly, completely and utterly enchanted by her. I would either drown, blissfully happy in her love, or she would be the ruin of me.

Her hair was a majestic red, the same color that the leaves from the Cherokee Brave turned in autumn. She dipped her shoulders under the flow of water, allowing it to cascade along her creamy skin, caressing the soft curves of her hips and down her slender legs. Those seemed to go on for miles and miles. I was hooked. Blind drunk on Riley... Whatever the hell her surname was. I'd forgotten.

It didn't matter what her last name was, all that mattered was what her last name was going to be.

For a whole five seconds, I forgot how to breathe. Physically, she was the epitome of perfection. Morally, she was flawed. She was the quintessence of a high-class snob. She was entitled, spoiled and conceited. The complete opposite to me, mixing as well as oil and water.

Was it fair to hold such high expectations of her? No, it wasn't. Now that I had a chance to calm down and really think about it, I faced the facts: I wasn't exactly perfect, either. Nobody was. I hadn't been with another woman, but I'd made my fair share of mistakes. I'd said and done things that I wasn't entirely proud of.

Her scent smelled different. My mate wasn't like me but she didn't smell like a typical human, either. It only gnawed away at my curiosity. Her ways were human ways: she wasn't to know about me.

After giving it some thought, I realized that I'd been way too hard on her. The fact that she hadn't slapped my face and bolted through the door, meant something.

She was here because she wanted to be. She was staying of her own accord, which was comforting. It meant that she was feeling the connection we shared.

My mom was right when she told me I'd know when I met 'the one' because for the first time in my life... I felt at home.

Riley turned around to face me. Water droplets clung to the tips of her lashes and she had the faintest smile, lingering on her lips.

This magnificent creation was mine.

A ball of fire blazed inside my chest, spreading warmth that seemed to emanate through my porous skin. My eyes followed the journey her fingers made over her saturated body, compelling me to join the hypnotic odyssey as they skimmed her full, round breasts, then traced the groove of her womanly hips, drawing my gaze to the valley between her thighs.

Something primitive awakened in me, stirring deep from within my loins, a venereous appetite that I couldn't avoid nor control.

I glanced south, just as she opened her eyes, following my trail of sight. It was too late to hide the effect she had on me. Her blue eyes flaring wide with recognition.

"You're hoggin' all the water. You wanna move over a bit?" I muttered, in an attempt to hide my embarrassment.

My traitorous dick just wouldn't relent, hell-bent on becoming acquainted with our mate. The bear inside me gave a roar of approval, sending a reinforced rush of blood straight down to my strained organ.

She rolled her eyes as I spoke, placing her hand on her cocked out hip.

"You think we're actually in here to take a shower?" She gave a critical smirk, putting me right on the spot.

My eyes darted back and forth between hers, not knowing how the fuck I was supposed to respond to that.

When she descended to her knees, eye level with my groin, I swear to God, my heart stopped dead in my chest.

"Oh, c'mon, where's your sense of humor now?" She teased, stroking her deft fingers around the length of my cock, straight down to the base, dragging the skin back and forth.

Riley's mouth drew towards me, her lips parting, allowing her tongue to sweep away the bead of pre-cum that she'd coaxed from the tip of my cock.

Tingles shot straight to my balls, causing my heart to detonate like a grenade. Through hooded eyes, I watched the scene below as if time had slowed right down.

I mean, I'm male. I'm not complaining—but shit! I was not expecting that. When she asked to take a shower with me, I assumed she wanted to conserve water. Not devour me for lunch.

She bent my meaty shaft towards her, angling it away from my body. My ball sac pulled tighter as the slightest of breath blew against the crown. My breath stuttered with a maelstrom of sensations: heat from the steamy water, the sudden shock from the cold wall tiles and then the—Jesus Christ! Her soft, moist lips sheathing themselves around my cock. I stumbled backward, bracing myself against the cold wall.

My splayed hand pressed flat against the tiles as Riley began sucking me, bobbing her head, dragging her lips all the way up, then back down again, flicking her skilled tongue over the tip, causing my eyes to roll back on themselves.

She blew my mind; withdrawing her lips to the base of the crown, then began to hum delicious 'mmm' sounds, sending deep, sturdy vibrations straight down to the base of my shaft.

She held me right there on a cliff's edge, delivering a ruthless cocktail of torturous pleasure and denying me the release I so desperately craved.

"Fuck, Riley, that feels good," I groaned.

I repositioned myself so that my back took the full force of the water jets, then wrapped her hair around my hand, fluttering my hips, feeling my climax brewing like a volcano that was ready to erupt.

"Jesus Christ, Riley."

I held a handful of her hair in my fist, losing myself in the cyclone of sensations.

Seconds, minutes past, I lost all sense of time and space, my brain was shutting down and letting autopilot take over. Just when I didn't think I could take much more, she swallowed me right down to the hilt, her throat greeting me with the most intense massage.

"You're so good at this, ahh—fuck," I groaned, scrunching my face in a pleasurable grimace.

All I could do was groan, feeling everything her perfect mouth was giving me. Warmth, pressure, suction, caressing the perineum behind my sac with her dainty fingers. Sequence after sequence, her technique ever-changing, sending toe-curling sensations straight to my balls.

My brain had turned to scrambled shit. My dick was now in the driving seat, thrusting a million miles per second. Each fluttering jolt into those heavenly lips only added to the build-up of pressure. I tried tugging her hair to warn her but it was too late.

"I'm coming! Riley, oh, shit, fuck, Jesus!"

Lights flashed behind my flickering eyelids and I was done, breathing like I'd forgotten how, swept out to sea, carried away by a tsunami wave of euphoria.

Fireworks in my nuts—that's what it felt like. The orgasmic roar I gave when I blew my load into Riley's willing mouth, bounced off every tile in the room.

Oxygen flooded back into my lungs with abundance, my legs quaking like blades of grass in the wind. I fell backward, pulling my highly sensitive organ from her lips. The fog that clouded my brain lifted, leaving me basking in the glow of the aftermath.

That was the most incredible experience of my life.

Riley giggled, getting back up to her feet with a smug look of triumph plastered across her face.

"Wow," I breathed.

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